Seattle's Gross Gum Wall Gets Too Gross

Seattle's Gross Gum Wall Gets Too Gross

Who's idea was this in the first place?

Vendors around Pike Place aren't expecting to sell a lot of gum in the next week or so.

Seattle is hitting the restart button on one of the city's oddest and most popular tourist attractions in decades. The city is scraping 20 years’ worth of gum from the alley using cleaning crews armed with shovels and high temperature pressure washers. The brick wall is estimated to hold over one million pieces of sugary chewing gum. The strain on the 115-year old wall is said to be too much with an estimated (literal) ton of gum sticking to the surface.

The Pike Place Market Preservation & Development Authority plans to weigh the left overs of this disgusting tourist anomaly. The group’s intention is to preserve the buildings in the area covered by the gum. No plans are in place to prevent future gum patronage in the future.

The origins of this presumably unexplainable tradition is believed to have an explanation! Patrons waiting outside of an improv comedy club during the 90s were believed to have placed the first sacred wads of gum on the brick wall. Thus, the nasty trend started and several attempts were made to clean the wall off. After mentions of the wall circulated through tourist guidebooks and word-of-mouth, the city decided to leave it alone and let those tourist express their God-given right to smash chewing gum between ancient bricks.

Cascadian Building Maintenance is the group responsible for possibly the most disgusting job of their enitre careers. They’re careers are spent doing a lot of gross projects but this one probably takes the cake. They have set a containment system to collect the run-off water and molten goop. The pressure washers are using water above 250 degrees to blast the layers of gum from the alley. The cleaning, according to Seattle Times, is expected to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $4,000.

The whole operation sounds like an industrial check up with your dentist. Imagine the smell of that alley during the cleaning. A nice medley of peppermint, fruit flavors, and a whole lot of mold.

The grimy tourist trap is likely only the second most revolting attraction in all the world. After visiting the Blarney Stone of Ireland, pilgrims of the monument are given complimentary antibiotics. Okay, not really but the Blarney Stone is a big rock that thousands of people, per week, literally kiss with their literal mouths. The only thing nastier than kissing an old rock (or touching a gum wall) is kissing the same rock everyone else in Ireland has kissed.

At least the Blarney Stone has some historical significance to it. People have been climbing their way up stone step to kiss that son of a gun for over 200 years. The origin of the stone is unknown. Theories range from it being a thrown for Irish kings of old, to the stone that gushed water when Moses struck it. And that stone somehow ended up in… Ireland?

Anyway, the gum alley of Seattle will surely be renewed in gooey fashion within months of its bi-decade checkup. In the mean time, go check out a bunch of dudes chucking frozen fish at each other in the market.

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9 Things To Do In D.C. That Are Out Of The Ordinary

There is so much more to do in this city then what the tour books tell you.

I have spent this past week has been spent wandering around our wonderful capital. The place where our nation began it's path to becoming a global hegemon, Washington D.C. I would recommend doing everything and anything in the city, but here are 10 must do things in D.C for your next trip.

1. Monuments at Night

This was something I hadn't done before and I am so happy I did. Seeing these monuments at night totally blew my mind. Majority of the time we would be the only ones at a monument which made it even more meaningful.

2. Ghost Tour of Lafayette Park

This is one of my personal favorite museums. You get to walk through the history of news, and how important your first amendment right is. This is definitely a must hit if you're near the mall. It was super cool to see how important the media is in the course of history.

3. Go see Albert Einsteins Statue

Over by the Lincoln Memorial is the Albert Einstein statue. If you stand in the middle, right in front of the statue you will even be able to hear your eco bounce off of him, making it seem like he is talking back to you.

4. National Portrait Gallary

This is the location of all of the Presidental Portraits. You can see everyone from George Washington's portrait to the most recent edition of the Obamas. You can also see a portrait made of LL Cool J. Worth the walk back.

5. Get a Library Card at the Library of Congress

If you get a library card for the Library of Congress it is the only way you can get onto the floor of the library. You can wander through looking for books. I can promise you there will be something you will be interested in reading.

6. Register for a Capitol Tour with your Senator

I went about registering for tickets for the Capitol Tour with my Senator and it was so worth it! We got on a tour of four of us total, which was given by an aide. We also got to ride the tram that runs under the Capitol which was amazing.

7. The International Spy Museum

The Spy Museum is getting a new location over right off the mall. The current museum is amazing but will be even more impressive in the new facility. It is projected to open in 2019. It even has secret messages written in different places in the museum, better keep your eyes open.

8. Eat at the Yellow Food Trucks

The yellow food trucks behind the American History Museum will be one of your cheapest options for food in D.C. I ate at these food trucks and was super satisfied because it wasn't overly priced, and it didn't take much time out of sightseeing.

9. The Holocaust Museum

This is one of the most moving museums in D.C. I think it is something everyone needs to see in their lifetime. It is so moving and does an amazing job of showing what their lives were like.

Cover Image Credit: Carlos Wilson

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