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Summer is coming to a close and we'll soon be cresting into Fall. Things are a little different this year, that's for sure. School is starting earlier, the activities we enjoyed in the summer were limited, and we're finding that the fall will be no different. I mean, the NC State Fair has been cancelled. Not sure where I'll get a sample of different fried foods this year. Despite all of the oddities this year, we can still think of each season and find some kind of joy.


Of course many of us take summer classes. They're usually shorter so this allows a good amount of time for summer relaxation. If you're like me, you enjoy going places during these few months. Summer is a time to travel, go to the beach or mountains, hang out with friends and family, and feel a sense of relaxation. I like to hit up the beach a few times, go for hikes, and at least go on one big trip to another state. This year has been a little different because of COVID-19, but I've managed a few little trips to enjoy this less hectic time of the year.


This is my favorite season of the year. It's a time that makes me feel cozy and excited about the weather cooling off. I love the idea of drinking coffee or tea during a mild day. Sweaters come out of the closet more. Halloween is during this time of the year. We get to look forward to trick-or-treaters, decorating the house into a spooky scene, and watching the leaves change colors. I also enjoy not having to keep up with the yard as much.


The semester is usually wrapping up during this season. Although we're bombarded with finals and submitting our final papers, we have a few things to look forward to. It seems like this is a good opportunity to spend more time with our families. We have Christmas and the New Year's to decorate and celebrate for. I love adding new things outside for Christmas like lights and yard figures. I have an excuse to drink more coffee and indulge in a cup of hot chocolate every now and again. We get to look back on the past year and hopefully feel happy about what we've accomplished.


This would go down as my second favorite season. I have a trend on favorites in regards to cooler weather. The humidity is low and we mostly see temperatures in the 60s and 70s. The flowers start to bloom, and there are more opportunities to go outside without freezing or burning. Although many are knee deep in school work at this time, we start thinking about graduation, or ending another semester to enjoy the summer again.

Life seems like an ongoing circle. We go season to season, trying to live our best life and accomplish our goals as each day passes. No year is the same, but we still find little things that make us happy and fulfilled. I know days seem tough right now, but remember that we'll continue to move to each new day with things to look forward to and to share in the love from our family and friends.

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