Seasonal Cleaning Can, And Should, Happen In More Than Just The Spring
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Seasonal Cleaning Can, And Should, Happen In More Than Just The Spring

Be intentional. Be a little harsh. Rid yourself of clutter, toxic things, and more.


If you're anything like me, you love purging your belongings. There are few things more satisfying to me than clearing out clothes I don't wear a lot, getting rid of things I'm now too old for, selling items I don't use anymore, and ridding myself of things I just don't really like anymore. It's the equivalent of crossing completed items off of a To-Do list.

Sometimes though it's difficult. There are shirts I have maybe worn TWICE since I got them years ago that I still question getting rid of when I come across them. I mean, what if I want to wear it tomorrow and don't have it? What if it fits the theme for a future party? What if my neon converse comes back in style or are the only shoes I can wear to a blacklight event? It's honestly ridiculous how desperately I hang on to things I really just don't truly need or even act like I want any other time of the year.

But sometimes, you have to do what you have to do.

The best method for addressing your clothes is if you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it. If you're trying to redo your style and it doesn't fit, get rid of it. If the style is from middle school, get rid of it. Do I even have to say that one? If it's an old T-shirt or crewneck that's probably too raggedy to wear in public anymore, then what do you do?

Several options, as you don't actually have to get rid of these.

You can always designate these clothes as future clothes to wear for getting dirty in the future. Set them aside for when you're mudding, sledding, weeding, doing anything outside that's dirty, building, or painting. Set them aside for if you need clothes you can get paint on for a color run or paintball fight. However, if you're too attached to let anything get on them, you can make them into cut-offs for working out or wearing over bathing suits. Finally, if you're looking for something more sentimental, grab a handful and send them in to be made into a quilt!

What do you do with the stuff you're getting rid of though? You can head to Plato's Closet to make a buck off of it, cut it and restyle it into something you like better, give it to Goodwill or another charity, make an Instagram page for others you know to check out and buy off of you, or you can take a bag of at least 3 items to your nearest H&M to receive a coupon for up to 15% off your entire purchase. Trust me though, you'll be glad you got rid of the clothes you don't wear much to make room for all the ones you will after a shopping trip.

Now let's talk miscellaneous items. Have an old jewelry box? Books you won't ever pick up again? Things you never used in college? An old dresser or desk? You can also DIY these items into something you like better, or you can pick it out and sell it on a Facebook page or other friends. You can also donate these items. However, again, be honest with yourself. Do you even really like that jewelry box? Is it big enough? Age appropriate (if not, may save it for future children or store it away)?

Take a good look around your room and deep clean. Get rid of old clothes, old school papers you were saving that you don't need now, old items from someone no longer a part of your life, and more. It's so satisfying to have new space instead of feeling overcrowded and getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose for you. It's liberating.

However, I'm a firm believer that cleaning doesn't have to just be in the spring. It's detoxing and should happen a few times a year, but on no specific schedule. Just whenever you feel motivated and feel like cleaning, because sometimes it can be a long process where you want to actually sweep and dust and do other cleaning as you go.

However, this type of deep cleaning can go for more than just your room or house or apartment. It can apply to all aspects of life. Purge your following or followers on social media. Delete that number that serves you no purpose. Clear old messages, DMs, pictures, notes, posts, and more. Go through social media. Look at people in your life that have been dragging you down and decide what to do about it. Finish old projects. Cross off the things you've been avoiding for so long. Tie up loose ends. Do the things you've been dying to. Set new goals for the next period of your life. Treat yourself for a day.

Be intentional. Be a little harsh. Rid yourself of clutter, toxic things, and more.

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