Scotty Sire is a full-time vlogger, but also a part-time musician. Check out his music that will really make you feel understood if you have depression or anxiety.

1. Get Better

It's a really good in the original, but the acoustic version really helps the listener feel all the emotions.

2. Mister Glassman

Do you ever feel as fragile as glass? Scotty knows how that feels too.

3. Take Me Away

Scotty discusses something no one ever talks about: Going out with your friends and pretending you're having a great time, while inside you really want to be anywhere else.

4. My Life Sucks

Scotty doesn't just have anxiety, he has had depression for years too. Though a mildly silly song, maybe some of the stuff in here is what your brain is constantly saying to you too.

5. Sad Song

In another song about depression, Scotty says what we're feeling constantly. It's an anthem for all sad people.

6. Awkward

The song is just as it sounds, and just as relatable as you'd expect it to be.


Do you ever tell your friends you don't wanna go out and then get an overwhelming fear of missing out?

8. Ruin Your Party

Sometimes, you just feel like you're always ruining everyone's day just by being there.

9. Lonely

Even in a room full of people you can feel lonely, and it hurts like hell.

Not all of his songs are about mental health, check out "Lullaby" and "David's Haunted House." Or, check out a full playlist of his serious, fun and silly songs.