10 Drake 'Scorpion' Songs For Every Mood
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10 Drake 'Scorpion' Songs For Every Mood

Listen to these amazing new Drake songs when you're feeling...

10 Drake 'Scorpion' Songs For Every Mood

Scorpion has arrived! The most awaited album of 2018 is finally here, and R&B and rap fans are rejoicing. Drakes new album is, fortunately for Drake fans, very lengthy, featuring two different sides. There is A and B, which each are specific to either rap songs, or R&B songs. There's a song for every mood or vibe that you could possibly be in, and in this article, I'm going to direct you to which song is ideal for your mood.

1. Peak

Listen to 'Peak' when it's late at night and you can't fall asleep because your minds on the fact that you're developing a crush on somebody new, feeling intense feelings and vibes, and quite possibly falling in love.

2. Summer Games

Listen to 'Summer Games' when you're in the late stages of a relationship that had potential, but is sort of fizzing out and isn't all that you hoped it to be. It may be a Summer fling that you hoped would last for a while, but got cut short because the feelings just weren't mutual and the connection and chemistry is starting to fade away. This song is perfect for when you need to think about your potential relationship, decide what you want to get out of it, and whether your feelings are really matched. It's good when you're feeling a little lost, confused, and unsure of what your next move is. You simply don't feel the same, your partner is being colder and more distant, and the chemistry keeps fading away, even though the whole relationship nearly just started. You wanted this to work out, but so many complicated factors are interfering that it just doesn't seem like it's gonna work out in the long run, and it's pretty much "breaking your heart."

3. That's How You Feel

Listen to this song when you're in a relaxed, chill vibe, probably at night when you're taking a longer drive. It makes you feel empowered, but it's also a little dark, mysterious, and hazy, if that makes any sense. It's one of those 2 a.m. songs that would be awesome on a long, night car ride.

4. Emotionless

This song is for when you're feeling independent, different, like an outsider, and angry at the world because it seems like all people care about is impressing each other. This song is a must for when you're mad at some aspects of the world, like the fact that people can be fake sometimes, and only do things to impress everyone else, especially on the internet. This song is pretty much an attack on social media and people who care way too much about it and their fame in their internet presence. The lyrics are deep and pretty relatable, and the background music is actually Mariah Carey's 'Emotions.' The whole song is contrary to how Drake feels singing the words, because he's not actually emotionless about the topic, but passionate about it. He believes that people are emotionless and like robots, and live their lives through social media trying to impress others with false advertisement. One of the most intense on the album, the most impactful line of 'Emotionless' is the one which essentially recognizes that he has a hidden child in the world that he doesn't want to share publicly because of how media will treat him.

5. After Dark

This song is for when you're in a fun, chill, relaxed, pleasant mood and you just want to go out on a date with somebody new with potential. This song is good for when you're getting ready to go out with a boy, and you really like him and are excited to see where this goes. It's pretty calming, relaxing, and the lyrics are about a guy's relationship with a girl and how it's pretty physical, but he wants to prove to the girl that he can be faithful, all in, consistent, and more than that.

6. Don't Matter To Me- ft. Michael Jackson

This song is for when you're feeling hurt, broken, and alone. The person you love is switching up on you, acting different, and getting into things and people that are bad for them and their wellbeing. It's hurting you because all you can do is sit there and watch because they won't even listen to you and your pleas, and you don't know how else to help them.

7. Nice For What

This song is for when you just wanna dance and sing all your emotions out. I can't even tell you a specific situation because it's become so popular, but it's my go-to when I have all of this enormous energy and just need to get it out of my system. I could be in the car, in my room, or at a party, and if this song, comes on, you best believe I'm breaking out all my moves and vocals.

8. I'm Upset

This song is perfect for when you're 'Upset,' angry, flustered, and just need to get your mind on other things outside of your current, stressful situation. Everything and everyone is making you mad and you are lashing out at people who probably don't deserve it. Your friends are like "are you cool?" and you're like "absolutely not, I'm upset!!!!" You're just all around in a bad mood and don't want to be bothered by anyone because all you're gonna do is absolutely lose it.

9. Ratchet Happy Birthday

This song is, of course, for when it's your birthday and you're turning up, having fun, and living your best life. It's one of those songs that everyone jumps up and down to at a party and sings along to in unison.

10. Jaded

This song is for when you're feeling pretty salty, bitter, and sick about something, probably a girl or guy who messed with you and then kind of tossed you to the side. You're feeling hurt, and rightfully, because the person you were with ended things with you, and in the worst way; over text. You still have interest and feelings in the person and want to keep things going with them. They keep 'playing' with you and it's getting frustrating, annoying, and you just wanna know what's up.

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