Things Science Majors Are Tired Of Hearing
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Student Life

Things Science Majors Are Tired Of Hearing

We are cool, too

Things Science Majors Are Tired Of Hearing
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The world sees us as nerds, geeks, weirdos, and know it alls. However people, we are much more than that! We aren’t freaks, we are just good at what we do.

Ew, Why would you want that major?

We know you all cringe at us saying we are biology or chemistry majors. We get it, it’s gross to you. But we enjoy it, we are good at it, and it may scare you a bit. However, we need these classes to get into grad school and to get a job. These classes prepare us for our careers whether we want to take them or not. We are taking them because they pay off the in long run.

And to the liberal arts students, be thankful for us because we tutor you when you have to take the most basic of our classes.

You're going to be in school forever!

Yeah, we will be in school a tab bit longer than most of our friends, but it seriously pays off. Most of us will be in school after under grad for two to four years, plus a residency. Yes, it is awhile and, yes, we know you will be getting jobs right out of college. We also know that we will be doctors, chemists, and etc. This means that we will be doing things for the good of society. Some of us might find a cure for cancer, preform open heart surgery, or create new medicines to fight diseases.

We also know that we will be making bank eventually -- so we aren’t too worried about the student loans in grad school.

Do you live in the library?

OK, people, we aren’t complete nerds. We do live a little. We have free time and time to relax away from the classroom. The library is our second home, but we get our work done.

We go out on the weekends and enjoy it. We don’t hold up in our rooms with note cards in hands at all times. Our major does come with a lot of work and studying but we make sure we do what we need to do when we are supposed to do it. We are smart about our time management. If we have tests or mass quantities of homework we make sure we stay in and do it. But if we have it all done, you know for a fact we are going to be out with our friends.

And we science majors know that after we have a big test, you need to celebrate with your classmates.

Why do you have so many notecards?

Organic Chemistry.

So world -- we take these classes because we want to. We are good at it, even though our classes make us want to smack our head off the library walls sometimes. No, people, we do not spend all day and night in the libraries. We have lives, and we like to take naps. We even go out on the weekends and skip a class here and there. We are just like you, only a little nerdier. We, too, can be cool.

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