15 Problems All Science Majors Have

If you're attempting to receive your bachelors of science, you know its not a walk in the park. If the work is not already hard enough, we run into ANNOYING obstacles almost on an everyday basis. Here are just a few problems of a science major.

1. Typing terms like Acetylcholine and Aminobutyric into a word document and seeing (No Spelling Suggestions).

Get with the program Microsoft.

2. When you KNOW you got an equation right but MathLab says no.

That one space bar click that you didn't know you hit just cost you .4 of a point on the assignment.

3. Stopping yourself from getting all scientific when your friend asks you a question.

Going out with your friends turns into you becoming the Bill Nye of the night.

4. When you're lost in lecture and think "I'll just google this later and it'll make sense." BUT IT DOESN' T...

Just hope its not on the exam (which it probably will be for like 30%)

5. When others complain to you about their difficulties on finishing their one page paper due in 3 weeks.


6. A professor that reads directly from the powerpoint.

No, I don't have a Ph. D and those words are not in my vocabulary.

7. Better yet, Professors that draw their own diagrams.

Sorry, Ma'am, that squiggle that you call a sulci is actually just a poorly drawn line thats nowhere anatomically near what you're trying to get at. F for eFfort because thats just ANNOYING.

8. Dissecting things studiously but in your mind you really think everything looks the same.

*points to general direction and looks around to room to where everyone else is pointing*

9. Not writing/typing fast enough in lecture.

Daily mini panic attacks.

10. Watching T.V and justifying scenes.

NOPE. Thats a fully sterile procedure, that can't happen. NOPE NOPE NOPE,

11. Undergraduate Research Proposals.

I actually know nothing and don't even know what you're asking me to write in the directions but I'm going to write some scientific gibberish down hoping no-one notices.

12. Realizing how much the general public doesn't know.

How do you not know what mitochondria is?... No, it's not an organ.

13. People who judge you for looking ugly.

I don't even want you to look at me bc I'm probably already in a bad mood from something that has to do with my major. Looking good is not on my agenda today.

14. Dumb questions.

"Oh so can you give me a flu shot since you took pharm!" No?!????...... bye!!!

15. Everyone thinking that you like everything nerdy.

No thanks, I don't want a Star Trek DVD series Grandma Jean. ( I already have one but I'm not going to let you know that.)

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