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12 Lessons You Learn Going To School In The South If You’re From The Southwest

The South and the Southwest are two VERY different places.

12 Lessons You Learn Going To School In The South If You’re From The Southwest
Kylee Pearl

It took me a long time to adjust to life in the South. Actually, I probably still haven't. Coming from New Mexico, going to college in North Carolina was certainly a change. I got to meet new people, try new food, and be exposed to a new way of life.

Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but the South truly is one in a million. There's nowhere like it, and I know I'll miss a few things when I leave.

1. They don't like vegetables.

I eat one carrot and suddenly I'm a health nut.

2. Monogrammed EVERYTHING.

I really don't understand the incessant need to monogram literally everything. Bags, blankets, umbrellas, cars. It never ends.

3. A "hot minute" means a long time.

This one took me a good year to understand. I don't get it, but if someone says I'll help you in a 'hot minute', you're better off just doing it yourself.

4. If you don't wear big T-shirts and norts, you're trying too hard.

The bigger, the better.

5. Hushpuppies.

Yes, hushpuppies have their own point because I never knew about them growing up. Coming to NC, I have probably gained 10 pounds just in hushpuppy weight. I'm not mad about it.

6. Country music is the only way to get turnt on a Saturday night.

The amount of bars I've gone to cranking Country music is too dang high.

7. "Bless her heart" is NOT a compliment.

Especially if it's said with a smile. Terrifying.

8. Sweet tea.

The South knows how to make it right.

9. People love riding on the back of a pickup.

In New Mexico, people love stacking anything they can into their trucks- mattresses, dogs, random pieces of wood. In the South, it's more just how many people you can fit in one vehicle without anyone falling out the back.

10. Everyone has a different name for their Grandma.


Meemaw. Mimi. G-ma. Granny. It's hard to keep track.

11. "Yes Ma'am" and "Yes Sir" are said more than please and thank you.


I have never called anyone sir in my entire life.

12. Everyone is way too nice.

Seriously, I'm like the devil compared to these people.

In all seriousness, I love the South. It's unique and wonderful and filled with good food. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself once I leave. Probably just eat hushpuppies and cry.

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