Everyone is different and has different things that annoy or irritate them. Over my last 3 years of high school, I have heard numerous things that annoy my classmates, so I decided to make a list of the top four things that annoy me the most and occur the most at school.

Do NOT cheat off of me if you’re just too lazy to do the work.

I make good grades and I pay attention in class. I take notes and I ask questions when I need to. The 4 people next to me in math, never ask the teacher questions, rely on me to take notes for them even though they are fully capable of taking them themselves, and let alone start the assignment if I'm not there to "assist".

If you rely on me to let you just pass through the class and you are putting no effort in, that's annoying. I am perfectly fine with helping people and giving a few answers away here and there, but if you are cheating off of me just because you don't want to have to pay attention or just think for yourself, that's annoying as hell.

Dress Codes are pointless. 

The school I go to enforces the dress code depending on the student. If the student has a last name that matters, they could practically show up in a bikini and they wouldn't get in trouble.

However, if someone who doesn't come from a locally famous family showed up to school with a hat on, all hell would break loose. Clothes are a way to express yourself.

Everyone should be able to wear whatever they want and be willing to accept the backlash from other students if that occurs. If schools aren't going to enforce it equally on everyone, then there shouldn't be one.

Even in other schools, if the dress code is equally enforced, it puts a limit on what the students can wear. In my opinion, I'd rather have a uniform to wear every day than have to worry about if it met my school's dress code or not. So my overall point in this pet peeve is that dress codes shouldn't even exist and if schools still want to have one, just save everyone the trouble and get uniforms.

Don’t disrespect your teacher.

No matter the grade level, students have always thought they are better than their teachers. They will insult them during class or just be rude in general to them. That's annoying as well.

Sure, some teachers aren't the best at their jobs and there are some better than others, but students have no idea what they do on a daily basis.

Teachers have to have a detailed plan for every day, make sure they're doing a decent enough job of teaching or else they won't have a job period, make sure they don't repeat themselves, etc. Give your teachers a little bit of slack.

If you’re going to do a senior prank, make sure it’s a prank and not just a minor inconvenience for everyone else. 

Senior pranks have been around forever. But remember when they were actual pranks? At my high school this year the senior prank was blocking the main section of the parking lot which meant a lot of people had very few places to park.

Because of people spending so much time finding a parking spot that wasn't handicapped or reserved for teachers, it made a lot of people late. By the way, this years prank was such a downgrade compared to last years.

Last year they brought cows to the football field and rumor has it that one got on the roof. Make sure senior pranks are good ones not just stupid inconveniences for the entire school.