Back To School: Expectation Vs. Reality
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Back To School: Expectation Vs. Reality

Sometimes things aren't always what they seem.

Back To School: Expectation Vs. Reality

Summer is fleeting, and whether you're pumped about going back, or are begging your parents to just let you live in their basement for the rest of your life, it's time to face reality and pack up all of your things into the U-Haul your dad rented. In life, things pretty much never go as expected, and going back to school is no exception. From packing to moving into your dorm to the first day of school, things might not go as planned, but that's okay, it keeps things interesting. Here are a few things that may not go exactly how you think:


Expectation: Okay, you've put off packing as long as you possibly could because how long could it take? You'll just throw your clothes in some bags, grab all the stuff you used last year from your basement, and you'll be golden.

Reality: You waited until the last minute to pack and hate yourself for it. When did you get so much clothes? AND SHOES? How are you supposed to pick what to bring and what to leave? Where did all of your things from last year could have sworn you put them in some boxes in your basement, but every box you open has Christmas lights or fake Easter eggs. This is impossible, there is no way you're going to be able to transport your entire life via car into the tiny dorm room you're being forced to live in. You quit for now and go get fro-yo because you deserve it.

Saying Your Goodbyes

Expectation: Goodbyes are never fun, especially when you're about to go away to school for months. You've spent all summer with your friends, so naturally your goodbyes are going to be filled with tears and a lot of hugging.

Reality: Yes, you're sad to be leaving your friends, but Thanksgiving break is only a few months away, and saying goodbye for the school year is nothing new for you. You say your goodbyes, give your hugs, and you're on your way. You'll see your friends soon and will always be a Snapchat or text message away.

Dorm Room

Expectation: You know that your dorm room isn't going to be anything fancy, but you bought a bunch of things to decorate the room with, and you and your roommate color-coordinated your things, so if MTV decides to bring back "Cribs," it wouldn't be a huge surprise if they wanted to do an episode on your new room.

Reality: WHAT IS THIS BOX THEY ARE CALLING A "DORM?" Do they think you're a mouse? They must, because this is not a room for a human being to live in, especially two human beings. You end up finding a place for everything, and by the end of unpacking, you're sweaty because there is no AC, and more hangry than ever.


Expectation: Dorm food, every college student's worst nightmare. French fries, mac and cheese, and soft-serve ice cream, oh my! The food is one of the worst parts of college because you are never satisfied with your options and refuse to eat pizza every day in hopes of avoiding the Freshman 15 (it is so real).

Reality: Dorm food is not ideal, and by no means is it close to five-star dining, or Mom's home-cooked meals, but by now you've got a system. Big salad for lunch, fries every once in a while when you're craving something salty, and pizza when you really need it. It took some trial and error, but you've made having to eat on a meal plan manageable.


Expectation: The first week is a breeze and your teachers seem cool, what could go wrong? If you keep up with the work, you should have your weekends free. You might even be able to get on the Dean's list. This is so your year.

Reality: "If you haven't read chapters one and two, you are already behind," says your teacher on the first day, who thinks you have all the time in the world. Maybe this semester isn't going to be as easy as you thought. By the end of "syllabus week," you already have enough homework to make you spend all day Saturday in the DUN DUN DUN, LIBRARY. Goodbye summer, it was nice knowing you.

Social Life

Expectation: HELLO COLLEGE PARTIES. Frat parties, date parties, themed parties, random parties in gross basements with free beer. Name it and you're going. You're only in college once so why not?

Reality: As much as you want to rally Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, your professors have a different idea. It's not all bad, and you do make time to go out, but sometimes after a long week of exams and projects, Netflix and your ugliest pajamas sound so much nicer than getting ready for a night out

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