Us college students are always thinking about one thing: graduation. As an incoming senior, the least I can say is that I'm super excited. But I have other plans, and dreams, in mind.

Everything seems so simple when it's right in front of you. You could almost reach out and grab it. When you have all of that in front of you, your dreams and thoughts are endless. It can feel amazing, but also scary.

That is why you should just go for it, all of it, now. Don't wait until it's too late.

Not all students pursue this, but I believe every one of them should just go for the stars. Get as much schooling done as possible before you officially start your big boy or big girl life.

Hear me out first.

I strongly recommend doing this. It'll only benefit you in the long run. Imagine the opportunities and possibilities set out for you. Think of all the fun you could have and how colorful your journey could be.

You had high school and went through it. You graduated and received your degree. Now you are in college, hoping and itching for graduation to come sooner rather than later. You're aiming for your Bachelor's degree in whatever major you have, but don't you want more?

Don't you want your foot in the door? The more experience, the better. But that's just my opinion. Sure, there are people who have just graduated college with either an Associate's or a Bachelor's and have been completely satisfied with it. But I know too many others who crave being back at school, constantly kicking themselves because they "should have, would have and could have".

They usually tell me that they wish they went for their Master's degree or some for their Doctorate's. They wish they went because they settled. Settling is dangerous and can suck you in. Once you start your life, you think you got it all straightened out. God laughs at that.

Once you settle, you never ever want to go back. You never find the time.

This is big, but still, they go for it. Getting as much school as possible will help you get jobs. You have more time to be a "kid", kind of. You still have the freedom of being on your own, and you're not all the way by yourself yet. It gives you more time to think.

Okay, right. I forgot about the elephant in the room. "What about the student loans and the debt?" Yeah, that. The super scary bill that comes in the mail every month, the one where your bank account just cries and cries.

Well, the way I see it is that you are already in the hole. Everyone is in the same boat; don't forget that, ever. Student loans, student debt, and bad credit should not scare you away from pursuing your dreams. Anyone is capable of doing that.

I am currently accepting the frightening fact that I will indeed be in the hole for a very long time, probably until I'm old with a walker, paying the companies every month, giving them the money I need to live and survive in this world.

This still does not stop me. That will not make me regret any of that, any of the tests, papers, and presentations with a few all-nighters. The debt will not make me sad about the teacher or professor I was in my life.

I want to keep going.

Everyone should always have a chance to achieve their goals and be who they want to be. They should choose to go to any school they want to receive an important piece of paper with their name on it, twice, three, four times. Anyone is able to do that.

Get as much school under your belt as possible before your life decides to kick into maximum overdrive. Get those degrees before marriage, before the house, before the big job (possibly), before the kids.

You won't regret it. Best of luck to you all.