Scheduling Struggle

In the last two months, I have not encountered anything worse than scheduling. Being a freshman, I get to register last so every day for the last week I have logged on and looked at my class shopping cart as my classes fill up. And even as I'm writing this, I am sitting in my lounge with six other people who are all stressing out and screaming because of schedules.

Although this is extremely stressful, there are a few things I have found helpful so you don't completely go insane.

1. Have back-ups.

2. Have back-ups for your back-ups.

3. Have a group of people around you that can help keep you calm.

4. Find the one friend in your friend group who is weirdly good at making schedules.

For my friend group, I'm that person that's unusually good at creating schedules. Sitting down and looking at list of classes is probably the most overwhelming experience there could be. But somehow sitting with other people makes it better. So breathe, suck it up and take the dumb gen eds.

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