At the end of the semester, college students tend to find themselves stuck in the same routines. Not only are days blending together because of the stress of the final week, but it's also hard to keep up with what happened and where it happened when you spend all your time in the same places and see the same people. College students generally have a way that they want to do things and a schedule that they follow every day. However, with so little time left in the semester, it's important to do what's best for you and your mental health and change things up a little bit.

Study outside

During spring semester, it's so easy to fall into the rut of always staying inside. But once it's nice outside, you should move your studying (or even your nap) outside. Being in the sun and in the fresh air will give you the push you need to get to the end of the semester.

Take time to be grateful

When you're stressed, it's easy to get stuck in a vicious cycle of feeling like everything is going wrong. If you can change the way that you think about what's happening, and put a positive spin on it, it's so much easier to get through finals.

Be proactive

If you don't put off all of your assignments until the last minute, you'll feel a little better about the semester. Creating a plan and sticking to it can help you feel more prepared with the craziness of finals week and spaces out your studying over a week instead of a few days.

Have a plan for moving out

Sure, you're not going to move out now, but cleaning up your room and having a plan to get everything home makes moving out a lot easier. Each year I've had my parents take home most of my stuff in between finals weekends, and then taken home the stuff that I need until the last day.

Study with friends

It's important to spend time with your friends before you all go your separate ways for the summer, but you can't ignore your studies. By spending time working with friends, you get the chance to feel productive but also see people you care about.

Do something for yourself

At the end of the semester, there are so many things that feel like they're your responisbility and need to get done, that it's important to remember to do what YOU want to do. Even if it's something as small as taking a nap, doing something for yourself helps you feel less stressed during final season.

Do some spring cleaning 

Having a clean space can make your life seem less chaotic. Everyone wants to shake off the winter feeling by cleaning, and it's important to do so in your college home too. Also, getting rid of things before you have to move out makes that process easier.

Try a new restaurant

In Columbus, there are so many good restaurants, that it's impossible to say that you've eaten at them all. Trying somewhere new can make a boring day seem more exciting, and it can be a good excuse to go out with friends and take a study break.

Or a new food at your favorite restaurant

Even if you aren't up for trying something completely new, making tiny changes to the thing you order every time makes your day seem a little more unique. Taking this opportunity to make a tiny change can seem like a treat.

Have at least one meal outside every week

With the weather so nice, it's so hard to justify sitting inside, especially if you're eating on campus, since practically everything has an outside seating option. Being in college can make it seem like you're stuck inside during all of the hours of sunlight, but this gives you a good chance to enjoy the sun and get some vitamin D.

Buy spring clothes

Shopping for new clothes can be a mindless activity, and it can get you into the change of weather. There are so many convenient places to go window shopping near OSU, so why not just look, and maybe find something new you love.

Cook a new recipe

Cooking is something that college students often don't have much time to do. If you're anything like me, you have so many saved recipes that you've never actually cooked. Pull a recipe you've always wanted to try and share it with your roommates.

Don't feel like you have to stick exactly to your schedule

Even though making a schedule can make your day seem more organized, but if you feel that you have to finish everything at the exact minute you expect yourself to, you will never feel like you're prepared for finals. Go easy on yourself, so long as you're still making progress.