45 Scary Movies To Watch With Your Boo

45 Scary Movies To Watch With Your Boo

It's spooky season AND cuffing season. The fall weather is rolling in and cozy nights at home with bae are just around the corner. With this list of scary movies you will be all set to be hiding in the arms of your Boo for the entire month.


I have been an AVID thriller and horror movie fan since a young age... I'm talking like 10 years old watching these movies with my sister in our basement on a Friday night.

Then having to watch Spongebob, or sleep with the lights on, or sleep in my sissy's room because I was hashtag terrified. I went all the way back to 2003 to give you guys the biggest possible list of movies for this years Halloween season ALL of which I have seen at least once, so you can take my word when I say they will have you spooked.

(seriously, there isn't a movie on this list that I haven't watched...)

So without further ado, in alphabetical order, here are 45 scary movies to enjoy with your boo.

1. 13 Cameras 

A couple rents an apartment with a strange locked door and (unbeknownst to them) cameras all over the place. To top the creepy cake, the landlord is a disgustingly uncomfortable character.

2. 1408

After a loss in his life, John Cusack seeks to find proof of the afterlife, when he is about to give up hope he receives a postcard about a certain hotel room. Lots of deaths have happened in this room, 1408. As the night unravels so do many ghostly events. Honestly, I wouldn't watch it alone.

3. 28 Weeks Later

This is a gory one. It takes place in Europe, 28 weeks after a zombie-like outbreak, the government ~thinks~ it's safe to bring the people back in. A couple thousand move back home. Probably not the best idea, as you can guess.

4. Apartment 143

A widowed dad and his kids move from their home to a new apartment to escape weird things that were happening. They move to apartment 143 and eventually these weird things happen again. Thinking it is his wife, a paranormal team comes to investigate and things get dark.

5. At the Devil's Door 

Despite it being the actress from MTV's "Awkward" this movie is so creepy. A girl makes a deal with the devil, a realtor tries selling the house of that girl's family, the realtor's sister becomes involved. It's a whole possessed mess. Jumpy parts included.

6. Cabin in the Woods 

This futuristic, almost Hunger Games-ish plot is very intense. A group of friends head out to a cabin for what they think will be a fun weekend getaway. Boy, are they dead wrong. (LOL, get it?)

7. Chernobyl Diaries

A group of tourists end up taking a trip through the abandoned nuclear disaster city of Chernobyl. After a day of exploring they return to their van and surprise surprise the wires are cut and they're stranded. The city isn't as abandoned as they thought..

8. Dark Skies

This one will make you jump. Alien-related weird happenings occur in the family's home and neighborhood eventually leading to a terrifying encounter.

9. Devil's Pass 

A little slow to start, but this movie takes a very creepy turn. A group of people mountain climbing through an infamous part of the range known as "Devil's Pass."

10. The Final Destination Series 

In each five of the movies, a lucky few are saved from a mass casualty situation. The only problem with cheating death is when it comes back for you. Also, it's different characters in each film, but the plot of the previous ones are mentioned. AND the final fifth movie ties into the beginning of the first creating a beautiful neatly packaged ending for the series.

11. Friend Request 

I watched this by myself one night before bed and distinctly remember texting my boyfriend about what a terrible decision that was. Excuse while I scream at how CREEPY the girl looks! Like, she will haunt you dreams. So anyway, this one is about a teen girl who befriends the weird new student and then decides to "unfriend" after the new girl becomes obsessive. This of course releases all hell.

12. Halloween 

This is the 2007 version. Michael Meyers escapes from being locked up to go after his baby sister, who is now a teenager who has moved on with her life.

13. The Haunting in Connecticut 

A family moves to a new home with a dark past and the son begins to be affected by all the ghostly activity. Jumpy scenes, creepy images. Not one to watch alone.

14. The Hills Have Eyes

A family out vacationing in the New Mexico desert encounters some deformed beings while stranded with car troubles. They soon find out these things are mutated people from nuclear testing done by the government in the late 1900s.

15. Hush 

A deaf woman is terrorized by a masked intruder. Lots of jumpy scenes!

16. I Spit On Your Grave

My dad introduced me to this very gruesome movie because it's slightly empowering for women. This woman gets attacked and sexually assaulted by a disgusting group of men. Thinking they've left her for dead, they get quite the surprise when she hunts them down and executes a fitting revenge.

17. Identity 

A group of unrelated individuals are stuck at a hotel during a flash flooding storm. Bodies start showing up as they leave you guessing who did it. I like to think I am decent at predicting plot lines, but seriously I was wrong every time I thought I knew who was the killer in this one. Major plot twists.

18. Insidious

A little boy leaves his body and becomes lost in a different, ghostly dimension. His family goes to great and scary lengths to get him back.

19. Mama 

Two girls are found in the woods, their uncle and his girlfriend take them into their home. Authorities question how the children were able to survive for so long out in the woods and the ghostly figure who looked after them starts to become apparent.

20. Missing 411 

This is one very creepy because it's a documentary on children who have disappeared basically from thin air at national parks in the US.

21. Obsessed 

Any living person should know better than to go after Queen Bey's man, even in the movies.

22. Oculus 

A sister and brother try to find out what really happened to their parents through a dark and dangerous mirror.

23. One Missed Call 

24. Orphan

A family adopts a innocent-looking girl. She is odd in her own way, but the family shrugs it off. Only to find out later that she is not at all who they thought.

25. P2

After a long night of work on Christmas Eve, she heads to her car in the parking garage to go home. Except, it does not go as well as she hopes.

26. The Perfect Host

A criminal seeks shelter after a robbery and deceives a man into letting him inside. Thinking he has the upper hand in the situation, he hangs around this guy's house for the evening until he quickly realizes he is not the dangerous one.

27. Quarantine 

A woman is covering a news story with the fire department, only for one rescue call to turn into an outbreak situation. The government closes them into the building and lies to the public saying no one is inside. Jumpy scenes for sure.

28. Saw Series

Again, any of the movies in this series is going to make you cringe. They are gruesome and messed up and I love them. Do you want to play a game?

29. Shutter

A photographer and his girlfriend capture something more than just an image.

30. Signs

Flashback to 7 year old me hiding my face while my family watched this movie together. Crop circles, aliens, and lots of jumpy scenes. Maybe I'm just traumatized from being scared out of my mind as a child from this, but this movie still creeps me out.

31. Sinister

An author moves his family (without telling them) into the home of the murder he is investigating and writing about. Strange events begin to happen as he unravels more and more about what happened to the family who lived here before.

32. Terrifier

This scary clown will chill you to the bone he is so beyond creepy! This is a good one for Halloween, because it takes place on Halloween. This creepy clown terrorizes two girls at the end of their long Halloween night.

33. The Babadook

A creepy little boy has nightmares about this scary character, the Babadook. His mom deals with the characters from a scary story affecting their lives.

34. The Boy

This lady moves to a new job to escape an ex boyfriend. This new job is a nanny-ing position and she comes to find out it isn't a real child but a doll. The movie leads you to think it's haunted then throws a plot twist in your face. I would not recommend watching this alone.

35. The Crazies

People in this sheriff's community start acting very strange. Then the military steps in and begins killing those people who are affected by whatever is causing this behavior.

36. The Devil Inside

A woman begins to research her psychotic mother who had killed people before and discovers that it might not be a mental illness affecting her so she seeks out exorcism.

37. The Devil's Rejects

Three disturbed outlaws ravage their way through towns, gruesomely attacking whomever they please.

38. The Houses October Built

A group of friends travel the country to try and find the most extreme haunted house, and find more than they bargained for.

39. The Last House On The Left

A girl visits her family lake house for the summer, and meets a sweet boy. When her, a friend, and the boy go to hangout at his place they meet his disturbed group of friends and their lives are suddenly in grave danger.

40. The Omen

Lots of strange things happen around this strange little boy. He just happens to be the son of the devil.

41. The Ring

A strange video that kills you seven days after you watch it. One journalist becomes determined to put it to an end.

42. The Strangers

This movie will have you screaming because you see some things the character doesn't. A couple comes home after a long night out and begins to be terrorized by a group of masked individuals.

43. The Ward

After being admitted to a psych ward, this woman starts to uncover a dark and ghostly past of the institution. I still remember watching this in my best friend's basement and nearly flying off the couch in some of the jumpy scenes.

44. V/H/S 1 and 2

These movies are comprised of several short films, each different and entirely creepy and grotesque in their own way.

45. When A Stranger Calls

I never really babysat as a teen and I think maybe this movie was why. This girl gets creepy, ominous phone calls while watching the kids for a family she just met.

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