Now, don't get me wrong, I am so down to keep living. I love life, I really do. But that doesn't mean that I am not shaking in my boots over turning 20 years old this August. Two decades!! Are you even kidding me?! Maybe it's just me, but the twenties come with real life and getting your stuff together and a whole lot of adulting. So, yeah. I have the twenties scaries.

Queue "Ribs" by Lorde, please

Lorde said it best in "Ribs" from her old album Pure Heroine (best album ever, just saying). "It drives you crazy, getting old". You're not wrong, Lorde. Spot on actually, really hit the nail on the head with that one. Its as if I can literally feel my childhood fading faster than a dream right when you wake up. Faster than the exit signs disappear in a rear-view mirror. Not only van I feel it fading from actual life, but I can also feel it fading from my memories, too. Which is scary as HECK, let me tell ya. My friends and I will reminisce sometimes about funny little things we used to do and I'll realize I don't remember something they do and feel sad that my memory file cabinet didn't store that one like it should have. But it's ok. Some of us resonate more with specific events than others. Maybe that's all it is.

Let's Get Livin, then

So apparently we can't freeze time yet. Darn. Until then, the twenties will come. They will be upon me in a few short months and that is ok. Scary, but ok. Because once it hits, I can decide what to do with it. I can run from it and turn reckless, like in Adele's song where she says "It makes you sad getting older, it makes you reckless" or something along those lines. But I won't. I'll face it down, make 20 the best year yet. Live this life to the brightest, to the fullest.

Bring on the roaring twenties, life. Let's roll.