The N Word

The "n-word" is a word that instantly brings a negative vibe when people say it. The word is derived from the Spanish word "negro" which means black. Many people in this day and age avoid the word even though there is slang versions. This article will explain my views on the word and what I think of its use.

The n-word is disrespectful to any black person who hears it because it reminds us of the times when we were oppressed by the word. People ask in modern times why it is okay for a black person to say it to each other and in my opinion it is not. I personally cannot stand the word to be said by any race but I feel the reason the word is exchanged loosely within circles of black people is because we have changed the meaning of the word. It has become a term of endearment within the black community because we have stripped it of its negative meaning and made it powerless.

"So why is it a big deal when a white person says it?" You ask. The reason why a white person using the word is such a big deal is because many black people feel that it is the white person's way of being funny. Most white people in modern day America will not be openly racist, especially not our youth, so some feel this is their way of getting their racism out in an underhanded way. To understand this logic you must understand that black people have been raised by people who may have been alive during the Civil Rights movement. What this means is our parents and grandparents were around when police, and other white people were abusing our race and using the word to oppress us. Also, people seem to forget that slavery really was not that long ago. Slavery officially ended in 1865, which was only 151 years ago. Though we have come far since then the wound is still healing and we have a long way to go. With that being said some black people these days are completely okay with others outside of the African American race saying nigga but the majority of us are not. The word "nigger" is outdated now and most people do not say it but the word "nigga" is alive and well. As I stated earlier I do not care for the word, no matter who says it but I cannot deny that the word is in popular culture. The word "nigga" is in our music, it is in our shows, it is in our movies and it is in our lives in general. Just be aware that when a black person asks you not to say the word "nigga" it is not out of hate or ill intent, it is just that for some people that wound is very fresh and when you say the word you snatch the band-aid right off. Others such as myself thinks that word "nigga" comes from a place of ignorance and would rather not hear it. To all of the black people reading this article I would like to say to you that this word no longer has any power and I would advise you not to give it any power by getting mad if someone says it. If you dislike the word simply ask them not to say it around you. Some people truly mean no harm when they say nigga and some people do... it is important to note that all white people are not out to get us. Many white people wont even breath the words "nigger" or "nigga" so do not just assume all of them say it when you leave the room. In conclusion I would like to say once again that the words "nigger" and "nigga" should not be said in my opinion but objectively speaking if you do say nigga with your friends and one of them happens to be black and you are not make sure it is cool with them. The word can be a term of endearment for sure but only if the person you are saying it to allows you to make it a term of endearment so be respectful to others and remember everyone is equal!

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