Why It's Okay To Say Goodbye To High School Friends
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Why It's Okay To Say Goodbye To High School Friends

Goodbye past, hello future.

Why It's Okay To Say Goodbye To High School Friends
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The transition to college is a big thing. Like, one of the most scary/exciting/terrifying/exhilarating things to ever happen, besides trying to be an adult. One of the things we struggle to come to terms with is the fact that our high school friends will not always be in our lives. While we all start this new chapter of our lives — whether it be going off to college or travelling or whatever after graduation — we always assume we will have those key supporters with us.

As you go off to college, you may see a decline in your message box from high school friends. While your group promised to call each other and Skype every week, you might become busy and press that red "ignore" button instead of the green one. You'll rationalize and tell yourself, "Oh, I'll call them back later when I have time," but that time never comes. Then the texts start arriving less and less, that group chat gets buried underneath new conversations with new friends. Don't be sad over this: this is good. It means you are stepping out of your comfort zone by making new acquaintances. It gives you a reason to grow towards your future, instead of wilting into your past.

From personal experience, I used to have several friends I would have considered besties in high school. Now, I have only maintained that status with one of them. Do I regret letting those other relationships go? No. I grew into myself and let myself expand out of my high school mindset. Now I have several people here at Truman who I call my best friends, people from various backgrounds and life stories. I learn diversity from them and really appreciate that.

Think of high school as a trial run for college. It's a learning experience. It's supposed to help you advance in life and prepare you for the hard stuff that comes next. You can look at old friendships like that too. You can look back and see how you were shaped by these people who held such big roles in your life. And when you leave or separate, just think of it as you have learned what you can from that relationship, so it's time to find a new one.

This doesn't mean that all friendships or relationships will end; it just means that you will have less superficial ones and have more genuine connections. I'm also not saying that it's impossible to stay friends with your high school buddies. If you are able to maintain that relationship, that's amazing accomplishment, and it's very evident that that relationship is a very important one to you.

So, while you're out living in a new stage in your life, remember the people who brought you there. Remember the support and comfort. Hold those close to your heart and take those into your new beginnings.

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