7 Reasons Why I'm Begging You To Help The United States Postal Services
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7 Reasons Why I'm Begging You To Help The United States Postal Services

You'll be interested in this because I'm about to tell you how to do stuff for FREE

7 Reasons Why I'm Begging You To Help The United States Postal Services

Normally, I'm all for saying fuck the government and all that but there's one department that you should care about. I hate a lot of how the government runs currently but the postal service is so important to everyone in the US no matter what side you are on the political spectrum. Plus, quarantine is also the perfect time to send letters and gifts to friends and family that you might be living far away from. Also, I am in no way sponsored by USPS, although my bank account sure wishes I was.

Can’t find a box?

No worries if you can't find the right size box to ship what you need. USPS will give you a box for free. That's right, a cardboard box free of charge, no questions asked. Heck, you can even have it delivered to your house if you are unable to go outside for any sort of reason. The delivery of the free boxes are also, you guessed it, FREE. They provide a great service. They have a variety of differently sized boxes so there isn't a worry about it not fitting.

If it fits, it ships

We heard this saying so many times on TV (at least I did). If it fits it ships. This goes hand in hand with the free boxes they give out. Get the box delivered to your door. Is it the wrong size? Order the size up if possible and get that delivered for free too. Finding the pricing of how much it costs to ship your 10lb dumbbell versus your 5lb dumbbell that's the same size is no question, it's the same if they fit in the same box. Certain exclusions apply, but that's a pretty neat fact right there. You can also tell that I don't work out often.

Package pickup

Continuing on the amazing trend of FREE, they do free pickup. Immunocompromised or don't want to risk it for a biscuit by going outside? No worries, just leave it outside on your porch or whatever and the mail person will pick it up for you. You'll just leave instructions on where the package will be when you print out the label (that you do need to pay for). But the amount you need to leave your house to ship something during this quarantine? Minimal

Letters everywhere

Is your ex leaving you on read or has you blocked from all social media so they can't read your 50 line long text of you telling them they suck? Well, for just 55 cents, you can mail a letter to ANYWHERE in the USA through USPS. You can probably add a tracking number there so they can't leave you on read and say they never saw it. I slipped my freshmen year roommate's then fling a very scary letter under his dorm room dorm while he was supposedly cheating on her and let me say, it was a very effective way for them to start talking again. He is also still scared of me to this day. Letters are the move y'all!


Let's start spitting facts now? 40% of their workforce are minorities. Can your large tech company spout the same thing? I doubt it, and this is coming from a CSE major. To those that gave a shit to Starbucks for 'not hiring veterans' (they do hire a lot in fact) look at USPS. They hire over 97,000 military veterans which makes them one of the largest employers of veterans. Where's the military support for that? Besides the veterans and minorities, they in fact employ over 7.3 million people across the USA. Based on a quick google search, the population as of 5/05, is 328.2 million. A quick plug and chug into my calculator means that about 2.2% of our entire population is employed by the USPS.

Being green

We care about the environment but some things cannot be completely zero waste. I always liked to personally say 'lesser waste' as I know I'm trying my best. USPS has about 40 thousand vehicles that run an alternate fuel. But besides the cars, they'll use any means necessary to get the mail to the destination, and that includes traveling via mule. They have many facilities across the nation to fulfill the needs of the citizens, their LA facility has 38 thousand solar panels to help them generate electricity.

Literally everywhere

If you want to deliver anything to somewhere in the USA. Do it through USPS. They are required to deliver to everywhere in the USA. They do so through NO TAX DOLLARS. They only make money through their own sales. Companies like FedEx or UPS can say they don't want to deliver something to a place and they had it off to USPS to finish the job. So you might as well cut out the middleman and give it to USPS to begin with.

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