The Monarch Migration Is An Inspiration To Recreate A Nostalgic Elementary School Project

There's no lie that the Monarch Migration is the true indicator that Fall is here and it's time to grab a warm blanket and some hot chocolate. Fall is undoubtedly the most beautiful season that we have. Aside from the varying color hues of the trees that we set our sights on, we can look into the sky and see one of the finest of nature's creations fluttering above our heads. Being the kings and queens of the butterfly species we can truly say that during the Monarch Migration, we are truly in the presence of royalty in the animal kingdom.

I don't know about any of you, but I can't remember the distinct time of when I saw a Monarch until this year. I don't remember any last year or the year before which can be linked to the fact that Monarch butterflies are close to extinction. With the assistance of global warming, harmful pesticides, landscape threats, and more, we are exceptionally close to saying a permanent good-bye to a royal breed. To counteract this unfortunate reality, the Center of Biological Diversity is restlessly fighting to ensure that Monarch butterflies will be protected under the U.S Endangered Species Act.

To assist the Center, I encourage us to take some action and increase the population of the Monarchs. To do so, allow me to access some pure childhood nostalgia;

Remember when your early-elementary class raised Monarch caterpillars from a butterfly kit in the classroom? Your teacher would purchase a pop-up cage to either place on a cabinet or hang from the ceiling and your class would observe the caterpillars' transformation into a beautiful butterfly. This project allowed us to witness the day-to-day transformation of a gross caterpillar: the caterpillar would go through the metamorphosis process in a cocoon/pupa/chrysalis, and out would come a beautiful butterfly. After recording your observations throughout the process, eventually your class would go outside and release the Monarchs into the wild.

Remember that? I do. Ever since Fall peaked its head around the corner, I've seen Monarchs all over my college campus and it's triggered all these nostalgic memories of the project.

The best part about this little project is that it doesn't have to stay in the classroom! You can go online and buy your own butterfly kit and raise Monarchs to release! If you have children, young siblings, nieces or nephews, this is the perfect way to have some fun and help replenish the Monarch population. Depending on what size Hanging Cage you want, prices can range from $20-30!

Dig in your grey-matter and explore your nostalgia by recreating your beloved elementary science project. It's fun for all ages and will help out our butterfly royalty.

Save the Monarchs!

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