Secret Life Of The Upside Down Smiley 🙃
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Secret Life Of The Upside Down Smiley 🙃

It sees all. It knows all. It's ready to take on the world.

Secret Life Of The Upside Down Smiley 🙃
Photo: Hannah Jacole

In the new iOS 10, iPhone users get 37 new emojis! (Yay!) But while the sportswomen & gay pride flag are fabulous, face it—few emojis possess the sagacious swagger, iconic poise, & sheer versatility of Upside-Down Smiley. With its aloofly omnipotent stare, it has our backs in the most volatile situations, & can effortlessly reinforce our views, even if we're not totally sure what those views are at the moment. They save the day daily, often in the following scenarios! 🙃


Synonyms: trivial, trifling, & spiteful. Taken literally, being petty is to capitalize on a minor detail (for no apparent reason, to others). Therefore, this smiley conveys your pettiness with grace, as only those with the inside scoop catch it, & confrontation is avoided yet the point is made.
Example: A mean but "popular" girl gets her braces off & posts a selfie. While her teeth look better, you know her personality & find the image tolerable at best. You join in the 50 other congratulations, with a cordial "Omg, yay! Soooo pretty! 🙃" Thanks, Upside-Down Smiley!


As coy as flirting can be, it can also be exhilarating, frivolous, & even vapid. Never fear! Your emoji-hero has you covered.
1. Playing it cool. Him/her: "Seeing you was the best part of my day!!!" You: "🙃"
2. Accepting racy remarks without overdoing it. Him/her: "Ya know, I'm home alone... 😏" You: "Oh, really? That's my favorite movie... 🙃"
3. Discussing potential future with person. Him/her: "So, what are we?" You: "I guess it depends 🙃"
4. Or cutting off that potential future. Him/her during should-be-intriguing conversation for the 1000th time: "Yup/lol/cool/k." You: "Haha yeah 🙃" *blocks number*
You've done it again, Upside-Down Smiley!


"Though she be little, she is fierce." Shakespeare predicted this legendary emoji in 1600. Repeatedly displaying savage characteristics, one may be deemed "a savage" like this emoji.
Example: Girl posts photo of the "love of her life" & mushy caption. Knowing your friend was "with" her hours ago, you chuckle, & below the clueless sea of "😍😍😍" comments, you drop a "🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃" & you really don't know what happens next, as she knows you know, deletes your comment, & blocks you. Don't worry, though - you did the right thing, Upside-Down Smiley!


Playing dumb is hard when you're smart, but your emojis are here to help! (Parents may not enjoy this usage very much.)
Example: Angry friend: "You're an idiot. How do you not know if he was with her or not?" You: "Sorry, I'm an idiot. You can't expect me to know everything 🙃" - or - Mom: "I TOLD YOU TO BE HOME BY 6!!!" You: "Ohhh, I thought you meant 6am! 🙃" Of course, you & Upside-Down Smiley do know everything, but that's another story!


You do it best. You say it best. You wear it best. You are the best! (Also, you & your emojis know it.)
1. You post a photo doing something amazing, that your friends can only dream of. Caption: "🙃"
2. You send your bestie a screenshot of your petty, flirty, savage, or naive tactics at their finest. Caption: "🙃"
3. You post a typical jaw-dropping photo slaying in your snazzy new 'fit. Caption: "🙃"
4. You do your best to channel your inner 🙃 everywhere you go in real life... just in case.
If emojis had a god, Upside-Down Smiley would be it.

Stoic (Unbothered).

Finally, this emoji's blend of confidence, apathy, & curiosity simply does not allow for turmoil, inside or out. With it's soft, piercing eyes & inquisitive smile, this emoji reminds us it remains unfazed at all times.
Example: Someone tries to insult or undermine your awesome accomplishment. You recognize the classic symptoms of spite/envy, & know there's nothing you can say. Well... nothing except, "🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃" Ah, you never cease to amaze us, Upside-Down Smiley.!

No matter what, this emoji is on your side! It can get you in & out of situations without breaking a sweat, & it picks up the slack when words fail. Its amibiguity offers a quality making it impossible for one to be certain of your intentions if that's what you wish, or deliver a precise punch if you prefer. In no way can Upside-Down Smiley be defeated—but it invites you to try! 🙃

(Photo: samples of people using 🙃 effectively!)

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