22 Satisfying Gifs to Ease your Exam Week Dread

Finals are coming and that makes everyone stressed out. Everyone is running around studying, trying to find time to eat, writing papers, putting together presentations, buying tissues for their meltdowns at 3 am, ect. So, to provide you some satisfaction and ease during a time when you find a quick break (or lets be real, when you're procrastinating writing the paper... which by the way, you should go write after you finish reading this article), here are some incredibly satisfying gifts to give you some kind of renewal or rejuvination to get you back on the studying track and earning that A (or like... a B is cool too... how about a C?) on all your papers, quizzes, exams, presentations, projects, ect.


Just look at how satisfying that is...


Yessssssssss, so satisfying.

3. Look how nice!


YESSSSS, knock them all DOWN!

5. Now, is anyone in the mood for an ice cream sandwich?

6. If you're not in the mood for an ice cream sandwich, how about a giant soft pretzel?

7. Or come on, what about a Twizzler or two? (Or probably more, who can eat JUST TWO twizzlers?)

8. Or look at this super sweet table just magically unfolding out all by itself - how neat and SATISFYING.

9. Some bubbles were harmed in order to form this listcle of satisfying gifs just for you.

10. I bet you never knew that you'd need to see this rubix cube getting lit... and yet, here you are... watching it... probably multiple times.

11. WHAT - look at that just PERFECTLY sliding into the box all satisfying like.


This one is both satisfying to watch and most likely it is satisfying to eat, too!

13. WHAT how did this person DO THIS? I don't even know but I LIKE IT.

14. Look at all these pencils getting sharpened together... LOOK AT IT.

15. Everyone loved those cutting sand videos... they're as this gif says "SANDisfying."

16. Since everyone loves those videos, I'll throw in another sand cutting video... maybe there will even be more later.

17. I don't know why people find this one so satisfying but they do so... here is someone playing with some slime, you're welcome.


Here are some puppies running towards you, who doesn't find that satisfying? Well... unless you have a dog phobia and then... sorry.

19. Here's an apple being cut in half by a powerful water jet... because SATISFYING.

20. I don't even know what the heck these things are, but I feel completely satisfied by them and you should too.

21. Yes, yes, PERFECT.

22. One of the most satisfying R's I have ever seen.

Good luck on your exams, I hope this helped you feel a little bit better!

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