March brings forth all of the high school seniors to start their rush to get in SAT and ACT scores. Those who have been looking at colleges for a couple years, and those who are just starting to look, all need "sufficient" scores in order to get into their desired schools.

School systems and colleges put the weight of the world on these test scores and for a lot of students, it seems like without an amazing score, the world becomes more closed off around you.

Of course, this is a stressful time all around. You're graduating soon and that alone is a lot, congratulations. When it comes to your test scores however, I want you to remember to breathe. Maybe you will get a score better than you expected, maybe not, but remember that these tests that measure if you can answer 75 questions in 45 minutes don't necessarily measure your true intelligence and potential.

The standardized tests that we take make it easy for colleges to try to put us on the same playing field per say. Everyone takes these examinations and so naturally this puts everyone on the same level of knowledge, right?

I don't believe that one bit. I know people who have worked hard for outstanding grades but they can't take tests. I also know people who skated by and somehow managed to guess the right answers. Both of these people are intelligent in different ways and there is no way that any test score is going to show that.

Now yes, I understand why organizations use this tactic when accepting applications. It is much more difficult to figure out people's strengths and weaknesses and extremely easy to look at a two-to-four-digit number and assess them.

Either way, I understand why standardized tests are used but if you don't get your preferred score, don't stress about it too much. Sometimes things don't always work out but in all honesty, I've found that it all really does happen for a reason.

That score doesn't define what you're capable of, have faith, it will be okay.