Life can be rough, especially when you are an adult. Being in your 20s means you're driving down the road of life with these twists and turns all while wearing a blindfold that you can somewhat see out of. If anyone is going to know how life takes them by surprise, it's the characters from "Santa Clarita Diet."

Here are 14 signs you're going through the motions as told by "Santa Clarita Diet."

1. When you forget about your credit card payment for a minute and then you take a look at your bank account after a weekend out with friends

2. When so much is happening all at once

3. When something happens and you're not quite sure how to react

4. When you're trying hard to look like you have your life together, but fail

5. When you finally get some affection after one of your bouts of shutting yourself away from human contact

6. When you meet someone who seems like they have their life just a little bit together

7. You start getting involved in pet therapy to help keep you calm

8. When your quarter life crisis starts kicking in

9. You start fantasizing about changing your hair because of said crisis

10. When someone asks you how you're doing and you have to fake your positive answer

11. When you have to make dinner but don't really have food and don't really feel like making anything

12. Sometimes you just have no idea what's happening and you have to shrug it off

13. When you prepare yourself for getting injured because you're accident prone and your body doesn't bounce back like it used to