Lettuce talk about sandwiches for a second.

A sandwich has so many different pieces inside of it that make it so delicious. I like to think that we're all sandwiches because we're all unique. Every person has their way they like their sandwiches, depending on what can go in it. We can be a little roast beef, a little Swiss cheese, and a little mustard. The way we walk through our life can be seen as the sandwiches we make and the different things we like.


The most important part of the sandwich is the bread. Personally, I like French bread and Ciabatta bread. I swear everything tastes better on these types of bread. The kind of bread you like reminds me of the kind of people you surround yourself with. That doesn't mean that if you like wraps you are friends with people who are thin and fake, but that you like to tightly surround by people. If you like basic sandwich bread then you like to let everyone see who you are like an open book. Rye bread reminds me of people who have a very special taste. They have a particular style and like to be just who they are.


The next part of the sandwich is meat. Ham people are basic, down-to-earth people who can roll with anything. Turkey people like to be different and break the rules. Roast beef people like to live on the wild side because they never know how rare their roast beef will be. Tuna salad and chicken salad people are always the coolest people to be around, they are the ones who like a little bit of everything and can do it all. The next important part of the sandwich is the cheese.


The type of cheese that people pick to put on their sandwich can help describe where they get their inspiration from. Cheddar people are your people who get their inspiration from celebrities and magazines. Provolone people get inspired by the people they surround themselves with. Swiss people take their inspiration from everything they see and everything they hear. Muenster people like to read a lot of books and get their inspiration from the books that they read.


The extras inside like vegetables you add to your sandwich show the things about yourself you like to emphasize. The tomatoes is how smart you are and the lettuce is the hugs you like to give out. The black olives are the books that you've read, the banana peppers are your passion for music. The bell peppers show your creativeness. Mushrooms show your intuition and bacon slices is how much fun you like to have. Onions show your wit and carrots show your memory.

Sauce and spices

The last part of the sandwich that brings everything together is the sauce. Mayonaise reprents the person that always remembers everything and is usually the one that gets left out. Mustard represents the person that brings that party, they are the party. Ketchup is that weird person that puts ketchup on a sandwich. Hot sauce is the person that likes their life to always be a suprise and who you never know what they might do. Salt and Pepper is the person that likes to keep life classy. Oil and vinegar is the person that likes to have a little bit of everything in life.

As you read through this and try and figure out what type of sandwich you are, keep in mind that these are my opinions of what these sandwich pieces mean and not what they actually mean. I hope that the next time you order a sandwich you can think about what kind of person you are creating. I hope you enjoy reading through this!