5 Reasons You Should Go To The Same College As Your Sister

Yes, my sister and I both attend the same school: Butler University. We're dawgs and proud. Sharing the same school with your sibling can be one of the best experiences. Although I never admitted it before, I was super excited when my sister chose to go to Butler after deciding between a huge list of colleges. Now that we're a few weeks into the semester, I know the next two years will be full of lunch dates and plenty of laughs! Here's why you should go to the same college as your sibling.

1. She's always there when you need her 

Butler is already a pretty small campus, but when you really need to vent or spill some gossip, you sister is literally less than a mile away (sometimes even a few leaps and bounds). Whether you had a rough day or just want to share a laugh, it's nice to know your sister will always be there for a hug or shoulder to cry on!

2. Lunch is never lonely 

Some of my favorite moments are during the most hectic and cranky part of the day - lunch. People are practically plowing down each other to get a meal, but when your sister is around you can laugh about it together and enjoy a brownie (or seven) together. We also share plenty of coffee dates and spend a little too much money out getting dinner (don't tell our dad).

3. You have two closets to choose from 

Imagine - you literally haven't done laundry in weeks and you desperately need socks. When your sister's socks and clothes are only a few minutes away, you know you'll never go without clothes. On multiple occasions, I've stopped by her dorm to change clothes or take a break from the day.

4. Your family doesn't have to travel everywhere 

In one full trip, my dad can visit us both. Less time traveling and less money in hotel rooms - just more visits from your family members!

5. You can support each other 

When my sister ran (and won) for her residential building senator position, I was able to support her on campus and spread the word. The little things count the most - when your sister is around, you always have a support system.

Above all, spending time with your siblings is not lame or uncool after high school. We do different things, study different subjects and lead different lives, but when you really need her, she's there.

Good luck during your next four years at Butler, Lauren! Go Dawgs!

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