5 Reasons St. Patrick's Day Is The Best Holiday

The best holiday debate is a hard one. Do you pick the holidays that are family-centered? The ones with the best food? The ones where you get gifts? Every single holiday is unique. So how do you compare them all in the first place? Well, fear no more because the answer is here. St. Patrick's Day is the holiday that reigns over the rest, and here are five reasons why.

1. The Origin Story

St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, actually started out as a slave in Ireland. While there, he converted to Christianity and when he returned to Ireland years later he started to spread the religion. There's also a theory that he made the shamrock popular by using it to teach the Irish about the Christian Holy Trinity. There's also a rumor that he banished all the snakes out of Ireland, but there weren't any snakes to begin with. The holiday began as a celebration of Christianity coming to Ireland and has slowly morphed into a celebration of Irish culture. So there's a bit more to the holiday than drinking and wearing green.

2. The Symbol

We have the shamrock, which St. Patrick used to explain the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Shamrocks are also seen as symbols of faith, hope, and love. Four leaf clovers are basically shamrocks but they add in luck with their fourth leaf.

3. The Color

Personally I've never seen someone look bad in green.

4. The Festivities

I couldn't even stay out late after turning 21 at midnight because all of the bars were closing early to prepare to St. Patrick's Day. It really is an all day affair. Cities and bars have their own celebrations. There are parades. The Chicago River is dyed green. It's a whole thing.

5. The Atmosphere

You don't have to stress out about buying gifts. You don't have to worry about your entire family being stuffed in one house. The only clothing requirement is that it's green. There's an entire list of why this holiday is the best - but overall the atmosphere of people just enjoying themselves and having a good time finishes it off.

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