Sage and Negative Energy
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If You Haven't Saged Your Apartment Yet, You Need To Add It To Your Fall 'To-Do' List

How this herb can keep your space clean.

If You Haven't Saged Your Apartment Yet, You Need To Add It To Your Fall 'To-Do' List

Sage is a spice that is commonly found in recipes, kitchens, and cookbooks.

While it is a plant to add flavor to dishes, it can also serve another rather interesting purpose: removing negative or bad energy from your space.

From personal experience, I can say that it does in fact work, and I do happen to have sage sticks in my apartments for reasons just like I'm about to share.

To start off my little story about the beauty of sage, let me share a little background information with you:

I love, love, love watching things on YouTube, particularly Glam&Gore and Game Grumps. The downside to watching YouTube is the fact that adds pop up. You know, those pesky things that help pay content creators. Anyway, the trailer for "The Nun" kept popping up, and I, unfortunately, was unable to skip it.

Que me screeching uncontrollably every single time it came up.

After halting my binge watching, I decided it would be best to get some sleep.

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for: me getting to my point!

At around four in the morning, I woke up from a dead sleep feeling like something was watching me. I decided to get out of bed and see what was going on.

I felt like the presence was coming from my bathroom, so of course, I needed to investigate the whole six hundred-ish square feet that is my studio.

My shower curtain was ripped off of its hook and balled up in the middle of the tub, all of my cabinets were opened, all of my electronics were turned on, and my lights were unplugged.

Being the person that I am, I immediately lit one of my sage sticks, propped open my front door with a chair, and began to walk around and let the smoke permeate.

I also commanded whatever was there to leave, saying it wasn't welcome.

After this whole half hour ordeal, I was extremely grateful for the sage, because once I aired the apartment out, the presence and feelings of fear were gone.

I think here is a good point to mention that movies like "The Conjuring," "Nun," and those which deal with demonic or spiritual energy carry things with them. Whether it be the same general energy or activity, it will carry over into your space.

This has been your friendly PSA about scary movies!

A few tips for using sage just in case you want to try it:

First of all, make sure that you air out the smoke. The smoke is what absorbs the general bad or negative vibes. If you don't let the smoke leave, the energy will remain. Another tip is to announce that you want the negative energy leave, I personally feel like it really does help.

All in all, whether you believe that this can actually work or not, it can at least offer you a bit of a sense of comfort. I do think, however, that it is a fantastic method of keeping things all love and light in your space!

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