The sacral chakra sets the foundation for our sense of power and control. Located below the navel, at the upper part of the sacrum, the sacral chakra holds the energies specific to creation and relationships. This is the basis from where we learn to establish partnerships and friendships on our own separate from family and tribal influences.

At the second chakra, we hold energies pertaining to the control we have over external relations. Often times when we lack control or become overbearing we are encountering an imbalanced sacral chakra. These imbalances may manifest physically with chronic lower back pain, sciatica, and gynecological issues, pelvic and lower back pain, sexual potency, and urinary problems.

Mentally and emotionally these sacral imbalances may manifest in the form of blame and guilt; money and sex; power and control; ethics and honor in relationships; and creativity. Important to note is that we carry most of our negative emotions, such as anger and fear, in our second chakra. Until we are able to recognize these emotions and move past them to heal, they will always be carried around in our energy field. Ultimately, this comes to influence our ability to maintain relationships with others and ourselves.

Whether it a friendly, familial, work, or sexual relationship, you must establish boundaries to keep energies balanced. Without boundaries, we give up too much of our personal powers to others. It is important to review the relationships we find ourselves in and see how they affect us energetically. Often times we give up too much of ourselves to others and lose a sense of ourselves along the way.

A few self-examination questions from Caroline Myss’ “Anatomy of the Spirit” include:

  • How do you define creativity? Do you consider yourself a creative person? Do you follow through on your creative ideas?
  • Are you comfortable with your sexuality? If not, are you able to work toward healing your sexual imbalances? Do you speak to people for sexual pleasure, or have you felt used? Are you strong enough to honor your sexual boundaries?
  • Are you a controlling person? Do you engage in power plays in your relationships? Are you able to see yourself clearly in circumstances related to power and money?
  • Does money have authority over you? Do you make compromises that violate your inner self for the sake of financial security?
  • Do you keep your word? What is your personal code of honor? of ethics? Do you negotiate your ethics depending on your circumstances?
  • What goals do you have for yourself that you have yet to pursue? What stands in the way of your acting upon those goals?

A conscious connection to the second chakra will remind us to have a conscious control of ourselves in relation to others. This is why the Sacred Truth related to the sacral chakra is “Honor One and Other.” We must first learn to honor ourselves before we can honor another. This is why second chakra energies encourage you to face your fears, to defend yourself, to be resilient, to rebel, and to re-establish yourself. Clearing imbalances and blockages of the second chakra will help us, as individuals confidently grow into our own.