By the time this article is live, I will have already moved in for my sophomore year at Rutgers University! For those of you who are still eagerly waiting your move-in day, check out my tips to avoid some rookie mistakes.

1. DO: Be prepared for all weather

It's safe to say that Jersey weather is very erratic. While it might be sunny and 80 degrees one day at the beginning of the semester, there's a great chance it may be 60 and rainy the next. Be sure to pack rain gear and a sweater or two, for you might come close to experiencing all four seasons within a week.

2. DON'T: Pack your entire wardrobe

Listen, I love clothes as much as the next person and would be glad to treat every day like a fashion show. However, this simply isn't plausible. Not only may you lack the suitcase space to do so, but you will most definitely lack the dorm storage space to do so as well.

3. DO: Invest in space bags

The commercials from years ago were the real deal! If you're tight on car space, using these space bags for your bulky items such as bedding and pillows will make a huge difference! You can find them for a pretty good price here.

4. DON'T: wait until the night before to pack

Packing for college entails packing your whole life away for months out of time, not for a quick weekend getaway. Try to pack a little here and there in the week leading up to move in day. Trust me, you'd rather spend your last day home enjoying time with friends and family rather than packing.

5. DO: Be prepared for lots of scarlet pride

When you first arrive at campus, you will be amazed by the amount of school spirit bursting from everyone on campus! Instead of scoffing at all this pride, join in on the fun!

6. DON'T: stress if you forget something

Luckily Rutgers has convenience stores located on every campus. There are even a lot of stores in the surrounding areas to visit too. If you're not in a rush, you can even look to Amazon to save the day.

7. DO: Make time to say goodbye to friends and family

Even though you might be eager to get back into the groove on campus, it's important that you spend time with your loved ones who you won't see for weeks, or possibly even months.