No, you are not seeing wrong, it's me again.

Hello there family, friends, strangers, and the world wide web, my own re-appearance creeps me out as well.

Boy have I missed this little dent I created in this vast and boundless outlet--a world that I created myself as a cradle for not only my unfiltered thoughts, but as a safe haven for your own unconventional ideas as well.

Yes, I am talking to him, to anyone. To anyone who feels in each word I articulate--who cries, laughs, cringes, who is angered, disgusted, or feels even the slightest warmth in his or her heart. I simply aim to trigger a conversation beyond my opinion. For you to pass on my message, or re-create, modify, or refute it. I want my words to become malleable and open for criticism, as an open book for anyone to contribute in. My quirkiness, my honesty, and this little baby child of mine in the internet is a food-for-thought of some sorts.

But also as your long lost friend.

And so, I am back, after that extensive incognito phase, refreshed, revitalized, and more tenacious than ever. Some say a significant separation from something you love ignites a much more profound relationship. And I found my way back here, I always do. I am home.

I welcome you back home, dear reader, with my widest virtual arms.

As I begin my comeback, my rustiness prevails. You should know that the creative and innovative side of my brain is experiencing dust bowls and endless nothingness. For the next few weeks, stay tuned for confused, sporadic, and reflective Margaret. She is finding her way back, and she'll get her grip soon. I hope. Yikes.

For old time's sake, I leave you with an abrupt and, of course, an open-ended farewell. Let my sudden return become a testimony that the fire can always be re-ignited. (Hey, [insert shameless self-promotion] speaking of fire, I wrote an article about that good old flame a few months back *winky face*.) Whatever that fire may be, welcome it to burn you, always. I will continue to burn you with mine, until you find yours, and as long as mine keeps on scorching.

Until then, friends. I won't be long, I promise.