7 RuPaul Sayings To Get You Through Online Dating

7 RuPaul Sayings To Get You Through Online Dating

"May the best [online dater], win!"

There may be LIGHT paraphrasing.

1. “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

Alright so this is probably RuPaul’s most iconic and important tagline to date. It speaks for itself honestly. Everything starts with YOU. Don’t even download the app if you don’t love you some you enough to be confident.

2. “Now, bring back my ~girls~.!?”

I made the end of that full of punctuation because Ru says it differently every time. Maybe you’ve been swiping or scrolling and you accidentally skipped over someone and can’t go back (unless you haven’t run out of shakes on Bumble and can still go back one). If you say this phrase to your phone, more than likely, nothing will happen. However, you will feel slightly accomplished and...at least you tried.

3. “Sashay, away.”


4. “Shante, you stay.”

Perhaps you’re alone for the third night in a row and are swiping through Tinder or Bumble or are perusing through Grindr or eHarmony (how does eHarmony work?). Being that you’ve had no human contact for a couple days, you’re talking to yourself by now. So, as you swipe right or respond to a slightly demeaning message (depends on the app), you may vocalize the phrase. Trust me, it’ll be a lot more fun.

5. “She done already done had herses.”

Maybe you are greeted on one of these apps by an UNSOLICITED and very revealing photo. This may lead you to believe that “she done already done had herses” (applicable to all genders) because if they send that as their first message, this probably isn’t their first rodeo.

6. “The library is open.”

This will signify to your pals as you group Tinder (or whatever) that it is time to review the possible candidates who received a “Shante, you stay.” Here, you will shamelessly discuss potential partners. BE NICE!


Do you have a semi-regular hookup that you only contact via online dating apps? Do you not want anyone to know who they are? Confide in a close friend who they are, and explain that they will now be known as “IVY WINTERS!” Boom. Your metaphorical incognito browser is officially open.

There’s more, trust me there’s more, but this should get you started. Watch the show and create some of your own ;)

Good luck my friends, and don't BLEEP it up.

Cover Image Credit: Common Wikimedia

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11 Things Your Roommate Definitely Knows About You

The perks of living with someone else.

Some are chosen, some are assigned. Either way, it is the same. Like it or not, your roommate is one of the people that knows the very most about you because they are lucky enough to live with you. Here are some things that they can't help but know:

1.Your class schedule:

When you are going to be in and out of the room. Basically where you are at all times.

2. Your favorite meal at the dining hall.

No judgement for eating pasta six out of seven days of the week.

3. Your favorite type of alcohol.

You guys are always going out together so eventually she catches on to what you do and do not like to drink.

4. Your comfort food.

For when you have a hard test coming up or just can't get that text back.

5. Every person that you hate.

She hears about any drama in your life so of course she knows everyone you can't stand.

6. Your best friend from home.

You know, the people from your hometown that you actually want to remember. Your roommate may not have met them, but she definitely knows all about them.

7. Which show you are currently binge-watching on Netflix.

And she's either telling you not to give any of it away because she hasn't seen it yet or anxiously asking what just happened because she watched it first and wants to know what part you're at.

8. How often you nap.

But she doesn't judge you because she does it just as often. In fact, there is nothing better than roomie nap time.

9. Your campus boyfriend.

And by boyfriend, I mean that one guy from your psychology class who you admire from a distance and secretly hope you will marry one day.

10. All of the dumb (hilarious) things you did last weekend.

Because the best part of a night out is telling all about it the next morning.

11. That you just so happen to have the coolest roommate around.

Cover Image Credit: ABC

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Just Because A Girl Has A Boyfriend Doens't Mean They Can't Have A Good Time

Single guys get more hurt over taken girls going out and having a good time than boyfriends do.


Recently, my friends and I went to a sorority function. It took place at a bar, but the entire bar was rented out for the sorority sisters and their guests. Not too many people brought male dates. There wasn't any specific reason for that; we just wanted to spend the night with our girls.

However, my roommate brought a date: her boyfriend. Everyone loves her boyfriend, too, so he definitely had a positive presence that night.

At the function, my roommate had a blast. She was singing her heart out and dancing so much. Her boyfriend looked so happy watching her enjoy her night. That's how a boyfriend is supposed to react, though, right? Apparently not.

I put up a story of my gorgeous roommate dancing on my Snapchat story and, unsurprisingly, many guys had a lot of kind things to say about her. Of course, I'd let them know that she had a boyfriend and most of them weren't surprised by that. But one person in specific caught me off guard.

He commented under my story asking if my roommate had a boyfriend, so I told him that she does. His response was "Dang. She probably shouldn't be dancing like that then."

First off: who are you to express your opinion on how someone should have a good time?

I wouldn't rant about this, especially publicly, if it was something that I didn't think was an issue. Here's why I think it's quite an issue: he would have had an entirely different answer if I had told him that my roommate was single. It's sad, but it's true.

Just because a girl has a boyfriend does not mean that they can't still have a good time. Single guys get more hurt over taken girls going out and having a good time than boyfriends do.

If my roommate's boyfriend had a problem with her innocently dancing with her sorority sisters, well, he was standing right behind her, so he could have told her. He did not need a guy that neither he nor his girlfriend knows to give his input on how she should be acting since she has a boyfriend.

Guys, time and time again, will make comments along the lines of "if my girlfriend... then I would break up with her."

Normally, it is about small things, that should not even be an issue in the first place. Maybe those same people can stop and reflect for just a moment. They might even come to realize that their opinions and stances on how their figurative girlfriend should or should not act might be part of the reason that they don't have a girlfriend in the first place.

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