The Queens of Rupaul's Drag Race: All Stars 4
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The Queens of Rupaul's Drag Race: All Stars 4

Facts are FACTS, America!

The Queens of Rupaul's Drag Race: All Stars 4

Oh honey! RuPaul is back, back, back again to slay our life with this new season of "RuPaul's Drag Race: All-Stars." What do Chad Michaels, Alaska Thunder-fun, and legend, icon, star Trixe Mattel have in common?

They're in the Drag Race hall of fame! Duh!

This season, we have a versatile cast of legendary queens fighting for the crown. There are girls from season 10 all the way from the runner-up of season three. "RuPaul's Drag Race" is a phenomenon of culture that I'm happy is finally reaching small towns and exposing new ideas to people who normally wouldn't be exposed to them.

Of the 10 queens, only one will with the crown, but who? Here's my assessment of all the queens competing this season and ranked from least likely to most likely (in my opinion) to snatch that crown.

Also... DO NOT TAKE YOUR WIG OFF OR HAVE IT FLY OFF AT ANY POINT, you WILL lose the lip-sync... facts are facts people.

1. Farrah Moan 

Ohhhhhhh! Yas, come through highlighter queen! And, that's kinda it sadly. Farrah's run on season nine was filled with a lot of crying over small things. For the looks of episode one of "All-Stars," her legacy probably won't be any different.

The only way Farrah has a chance to win is if she finally picks herself up by the bootstraps and lets her confidence guide her and do things she knows she's good at. Farrah was on my personal wishlist to see on "All-Stars,"

I'm thrilled she's there and hope we see a bit more from her.

2. Jasmine Masters 

This is Jasmine Masters... and I have something to say about her! She probably isn't going to win All-Stars.


She did get eliminated in Episode one, but with "All-Star" rules in play, there will be a comeback queen challenge. Jasmine bombed the first challenge and she's a very "go with the flow" queen, which is great, but she's not a very organized planner—and it showed.

Jasmine will always be class and elegance, but I don't see her in that hall of fame, you guys.

3. Monét X Change

Soak it up, bitches! Monet is back!

Fresh off of season 10, I don't think Monet had much time to breathe and get new looks together. In episode one, she literally was wearing an altered version of her sponge outfit with the same earring she wore twice in season 10.

Monet can turn it out, but I don't think she was ready to do that fast turn around like Katya and Ginger Minj did in "All-Stars 2."

I really wished that she waited for a season five of "All Stars" and she would have demolished the competition. But if she can pull some Monet Magic, which I hope she does, she'll be in the top four. With the caliber of some of these other queens, it's sadly looking like she might need to exchange that "All-Stars 4" ticket to an "All-Stars 5" one.

4. Gia Gunn

Absolutely! Fresh Tilapia on the dinner table people! Feel your oats and eat it up, because Gia Gunn is back! I'm a personal fan of Gia and she is another personal pick of who I wanted to see on a season of "All-Stars."

She is the first fully female transgendered queen to walk into the workroom. I'm here for Miss Gia Ichikawa being an activist and telling her story for her community. Gia has everything it takes to snatch this crown, but I think the other queens will knock her out before she's able to.

5. Naomi Smalls 

What's on the menu? Legs! Once again, Naomi was a personal pick that I wanted to see on an "All-Stars" season! Naomi has blossomed since being top three in Season 8. Although from the first episode, I'm scared Naomi is going to get a "background" edit and it's going to mute her potential for the crown.

6. Valentina

I'd like to take, please! Everyone's favorite spicy latina is back and from my predictions, she'll go far! She's beautiful, she's gorgeous, and she looks like Linda Evangelista! But, the other queens are well aware of Valentina and I wouldn't put it past someone like Trinity or Manila to take her out if they have the opportunity to do so.

7. Manila Luzon

Mama is back! Manila is a veteran queen who I'm excited got to have a proper chance to shine again (tbh "All-Stars 1" should be re-done and co-hosted by Chad Michaels...VH1 and World Of Wonder hit me up!)

Manila is a very conceptual queen and very detailed. I'm excited to see her looks this season, but she needs to stay out of the bottom in order to stay because if a queen has a chance to get someone out like Manila or Latrice, they are big competition to look out for.

8. Latrice Royale

The large and in charge, the chunky yet funky queen is back!

Latrice is by far one of the most iconic drag race contestants hailing from season 4 and Manila's partner from "All-Stars." She's the gal you hope isn't going to be there because your chances of winning just got split in half! Latrice is definitely an "All-Star" queen and if she's ever in the bottom, she will be sent home.

If any of these queens have the opportunity to eliminate the Latrice Royale, they'll take it in a heartbeat. I hope Mama Latrice gets far!

9. Monique Heart 

Facts are facts, America and Miss Brown Cow stunning is back!

After watching season 10, Monique got herself added to that list of personal queens I wanted to see on an "All-Stars" season.

Monique has all the qualities to win a season of "Drag Race" or "All-Stars." She's funny, smart, talented and extremely likable, but if I see her hat fly off in another lip-sync, I'm going to scream! Gurl, you know darn well it's a cardinal rule that if your wig comes off, you are not winning the lip synch, period.

Monique definitely will make it far in the competition, trust and believe.

10. Trinity Taylor 

The body is back! Trinity "The Tuck" Taylor is once again a girl who I wanted to see back on a season of "All-Stars." Trinity is one of, if not the most, competitive queens in drag race history.

Trinity is an Ace when it comes to anything: She's gorgeous, she's fashion, she can dance and she can do comedy. Trinity Taylor is that bitch and if I personally was one of the other queens, I'd be scared to be on that season with her.

She's incredibly competitive without being cut-throat. Trinity is my personal pick to win this season and snatch that crown. I hope she makes it to the finale.

11. A Double Win Scenario 

I will not be surprised if RuPaul pulls this. It's very unlikely, but with the cutesy thing of the Holi-slay-tacular they pulled, everyone was fit to believe that one queen will take the title, but if it was a full cute kumbaya fest...

If it comes down to it and Ru can't decide, he'll grant them both winners, but that's never occurred before in drag race history and I'd assume now would not be the time they'd start.

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