How To Find And Keep A FWB
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The Rules Of Having A FWB Or FB You Didn't Know You Needed

The rules of having and maintaining both while still respecting yourself enough to know you are a strong, confident, sexy, b*tch!

The Rules Of Having A FWB Or FB You Didn't Know You Needed

You can figure out those acronyms as we go, but I won't spell them out for you…

So, the main difference is friendship. One is mainly "wyd" at two a.m and the other is hanging out with mutual friends a lot and you two just so happen to click… a little more. Neither of them contains any type of relationship. These are two, no-strings-attached situations. A relationship type person should not try these things. They'll only end up hurt because the other person just doesn't want the same thing.

You can't say I didn't warn you.

When you have a FWB, you notice more of the little things they do. Those little things can either annoy you and remind you how you only want one thing from them or they can inspire you to want more. Being around that person more can mean you're more susceptible to catch feelings.

Hardcore feelings because you're friends first.

A friendship that leads to a relationship is key. The tricky thing about FWB is that if things go south, you may ruin the friendship you have with that person. If they want more or vice versa, it could go sour.

A FB is the person who you see drunk off their ass at the bar, then you look down to see a text from them when you're leaving. It's the person labeled "Booty Call" in your phone. You low-key don't want anyone to know you have a FB because that's when the words "slore" come out and I haven't heard of anyone being called that since seventh grade.

Rules. This is what you came here for.


1. They don't stay over at your place. Ever.

2. You don't go to their place… safety is key.

3. Never walk them out — No "good-bye kisses"

4. If you're the sender, be prepared for anything to walk through your door—drunker than a skunk or a hit-it-n-quit-it.

5. Neither of you wants kids at the moment, so I suggest you two practice safety.

6. No laughing.

7. Number six is a lie, laugh it up.

8. You can have fun with other FB too. I wouldn't casually bring up the fact you have other FB though…

9. This person will ask for nudes… all the time. Ignore them, unless you're into it. Your choice. #SnapChat

10. Make sure you clean up your place at least a little. Make a walkthrough, you filthy swine.

11. Make sure to say, "Good job" on their way out and never say "see you next time." Leave them in suspense.

12. Make sure you like this person. "Like" as in respect. "Like" as in, would you introduce this person to your roommate if paths crossed in the kitchen the morning after? No, because they'd be gone AF — Rule number one.

13. Make sure you maintain your self-confidence without establishing yourself as "not like other b**ches." It doesn't make you special to only want something physical with someone. It just makes you little cold-hearted at the time…or horny.

14. If you doubt, even one iota, that your FB has even the smallest hope of taking things further, stop everything. Now. Demonstrate some respect for yourself by taking responsibility for yourself — a FB is not someone you would/should date.


1. Be clear about what both of you want out of this… thing. Relationship or not, be upfront and honest.

2. If you catch feelings, it's best to speak on them. Don't let them sit and drive yourself crazy thinking 'why don't they want the same.' It is exactly what it is. If you're going to deal with bodily fluids and the occasional pillow talk, you owe the other person an in-person explanation of where you're at.

3. If it goes on for longer than three months and y'all are happy together, you might want to sit down and talk about the mutual connection, but you can't shag someone into a relationship—so don't expect anything.

4. It's OK to walk away from a FWB when you find someone you genuinely like, just be honest.

5. Remember this is sexual, not emotional.

6. You can have multiple FWB — it's your choice to tell them.

7. FWB shouldn't sleep over… but apparently, some people's do? Your choice. Just know sleeping next to someone (cuddling/ snuggling) releases chemicals in your brain connecting you more so to that person (just don't do it!).

8. Your FWB does not control you, in any way, shape or form.

9. Don't settle if it's bad. Plenty of other people lust after you, so search for the one worthy of dat ass.

As you can see, there are only slight differences, but neither of them is committed. Both establish ground rules, both seem to set up seamlessly. Just be honest with that person, Define the Non-Relationship. #DTNR. Your body, your life, you choose how to live it!

Stay safe and have fun!

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