5 Rules For ACTUALLY Dating Safely And Successfully During The Coronavirus Pandemic
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5 Rules For ACTUALLY Dating Safely And Successfully During The Coronavirus Pandemic

It's possible, trust me. I did it!

5 Rules For ACTUALLY Dating Safely And Successfully During The Coronavirus Pandemic

As much as coronavirus has been a pain in the rear end I have to say it hasn't stopped my dating life!

In fact, my boyfriend and I met during the pandemic! Although at the very beginning our relationship was very hard due to COVID-19, we still made it work and I wouldn't want it any other way. Of course, you're probably thinking "well how did meeting up and dates go? Well, for our first date we had a fire in his backyard and wine all while sitting six feet apart.

Here are a few rules we followed that helped our relationship blossom in the middle of this pandemic.

1. Go on dates via FaceTime

At the very beginning, we FaceTimed a lot of time to practice social distancing but also it sort of helped our relationship grow because we wanted to know more and more about each other after every call.

2. Take your in-person dates outdoors

This may sound complicated but having outside dates together will definitely help with being safe and it will also be a fun way to get to know someone. My boyfriend and I did a lot of walks and hikes right at the very beginning which added some adventure to the relationship.

3. Reassure one another

This is great especially during the pandemic because it shows that even though the two of you can't be super close or touchy right now, it opens the big door for later on when the virus is safer for the two of you to become physical and close.

4. Get creative

Coronavirus had definitely put a damper on the fun and though it can be hard to find fun things to do together you can put on your thinking cap and find ways for the two of you to do fun things like maybe fishing, or taking drives, or having an outside movie night.

5. Don't overthink it

This may be a mess right now with the virus going on however just think about all the fun you'll have together after the virus is over and it's safe to start living normally. Don't read into the negatives because that will really ruin your time while trying to date someone.

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