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20 Savage Reads From Rupaul's Drag Race

"Because reading is WHAT? FUNDAMENTAL!"


As season 10 of RPDR comes to a close, it goes without saying that many beautiful, talented and eccentric queens have given us such memorable reads ranging from hilarious to down right shady. Since season 2, reading fellow queens has become a staple mini challenge which allows the queens to poke fun at each other but in a comical way. Even so, this challenge has shown even the kindest of queens can throw the shade as well as take it. With this in mind, here is a list commemorating 20 of the most savage reads from this reality competition series.

1. Jujubee to Raven- "And you! Legendary you think you are. Legendary? More like leg and dairy" (Season 2)

2. Latrice Royale to Jiggly Caliente- "Jiggly Caliente, BMW... Body Made Wrong" (Season 4)

3. Shangela to Carmen Carrera- "And, aw, Carmen Carrera. Honey, just go jump in the ocean. You won't drown. Silicone floats." (Season 3)

4. Alaska to Alyssa Edwards- "Alyssa Edwards, Miss US- oh wait." (Season 5)

5. Alaska to Coco Montrese- "Coco Montrese, I don't know why everyone keeps calling you old. How old are you? I'd say you look somewhere between 40 and death!" (Season 5)

6. Darienne Lake to Milk-"Milk, your beauty and fashion is listed right on the side of your carton under 'Missing.'" (Season 6)

7. Bianca Del Rio to BenDeLaCreme- "Miss BenDeLaCreme, after seeing you in drag, I realize now why Seattle has a high suicide rate." (Season 6)

8. Violet Chachki to Katya- "Katya, at this point you really should just make like your hair line and recede." (Season 7)

9. Ginger Minj to Miss Fame- "Miss Fame, I think everything about you is so original, except for those lips, those cheeks and everything you present to the judges on the runway." (Season 7)

10. Jujubee to Jessica Wild- "And let me tell you something, puerca. You won't understand this anyways... (speaking Laotian): "You have a dog face, and your body is HUGE". Get my gist? Do ya understand?" (Season 2)

11. Katya to Roxxxy Andrews- "Roxxxy Andrews, I think about you all the time. Especially in the morning, at the bus stop. Too soon, too soon, sorry!" (All Stars Season 2)

12. Alaska to Adore Delano- "Adore Delano, these other girls are gonna say you have terrible makeup skills, you have no fashion sense, and you're dumb as a rock. But they're wrong! You don't have terrible makeup skills." (All Stars Season 2)

13. Valentina to Peppermint- "Peppermint. You need one." (Season 9)

14. Sharon Needles to Dida Ritz & Willam- "Dida Ritz, a lot of you girls like to clock me for painting my skin on the gray side, but I was inspired by your knees, and they're the same color as Willam's chin!" (Season 4)

15. Adore Delano to Trinity K Bonet- "Trinity, I believe your smile belongs on Season 4. Every day is shark week with your grill." (Season 6)

16. Shangela to Thorgy Thor- "Thorgy Thor! You know, I love clowns! And I never met an unfunny one until I heard you reading." (All Stars Season 3)

17. BenDeLaCreme to Shangela- "Shangela! You have come so far! Initially, your makeup was kind of busted and your outfits were a mess and your personality was super grating, but look how far you've come now. You are much older." (All Stars Season 3)

18. BenDeLaCreme to Trixie Mattel- "Trixie, now, a lot of people clock your makeup, but I totally get it. You know, you're just painting for the back of the room, which makes sense because that's where your audience collects if you remember to lock the door." (All Stars Season 3)

19. Katya to Pearl- "Pearl, now that you've come out of your shell, maybe you could use that as a butt pad?" (Season 7)

20. Kim Chi to Chi Chi DeVayne- "Chi Chi, your drag is just like turkey neck: cheap, and no one wants it." (Season 8)

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