Yes, The Royal Wedding Was Beautiful, But Have You Thought About Everything It Symbolized?

Yes, The Royal Wedding Was Beautiful, But Have You Thought About Everything It Symbolized?

We have a lot to learn from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The royal wedding — an event that even the manliest of men and love-haters can swoon over and become sappy. While the marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was without a doubt historic and a huge media affair, it also restored my faith in humanity, an event that all of us can learn something from.

This was no normal wedding. This wedding was a blending of two countries, ethnicities, political views, and most importantly, pure love. Of course, it was a beautiful wedding on the surface, but what is even more beautiful is going beneath the surface to realize what this marriage means, especially to a world where we stand in today.

Meghan Markle, a typical American citizen born in L.A. Your average girl next door growing up. Is now married to a Prince! This goes to show fame, money, or any publicity does not define your worth.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Prince marrying an everyday, normal citizen. This goes to show that even though Prince Harry is royalty, he does not feel like he is above anybody, in fact, he is quite humbling. Many of us could learn a thing or two from that. Entitlement is not attractive.

My next point, its 2018 people! Embrace the blending of races. We all say that we agree and believe in mixed races- but do our actions back that up? Meghan's father is Caucasian, her mother African American- making her a beautiful woman of color. Harry is Caucasian. This marriage did not discriminate on color, race, ethnicity, citizenship- a practice that all of us could use more in our everyday lives. And I am willing to bet they will make beautiful babies.

The Dutch and Duchess of Sussex are a classic example of what it means to DATE. I know, everyone may not be used to that word as we are living in a society where the social norm has become hookups, swiping left and right, ghosting, "talking" and "Netflix and chilling". Here is a classic example of what happens when you actually meet someone, have real conversations, get to know each other, and enjoy dating.

Prince Harry and Meghan did not match on Tinder or "talk" to each other and many other possible prime spouse subjects all at once. They were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend and made time for one another from there- amazing right?! Our society loves to complain about not being able to find love or having relationships not being like they used to be...maybe the problem is from the root of the issue... let's get back to dating 101, these two lovebirds are living proof that it isn't complicated or dramatic to love someone.

Let's talk about modesty. This royal wedding was a textbook example that being modest is still beautiful. Showing every ounce of skin on your body and putting your assets on display for the world to see does not make you pretty. Some had speculated her to wear a huge princess ball gown with lots going on. Many have said that Meghan Markle's dress was too plain or boring. I thought it was wonderful and a very respectful choice.

The simple white gown covered her in the appropriate places, while still being elegant and showing off her figure. Her makeup was subtle and showed caking it own is not necessary- even on a day as big as your wedding. There were no crop tops, two pieces, corsets, cleavage, or obnoxiousness. Classic, raw beauty was all. Meghan hit the head on the nail with her wedding look and displayed that more is sometimes less.

Thank you to the Dutch and Duchess of Sussex for not only allowing us to view a beautiful wedding but being an example and showing us that there is a lot to learn beneath the surface.

Cover Image Credit: @kensingtonroyal / Instagram

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