Rowan University: also known as one of the only good things about South Jersey. No offense to all you South Jersians, but it's kind of true. Rowan is a second home to many and a place I have grown to love, even with all of its issues and mishaps.

There are certain things that go on in Glassboro that just aren't like anywhere else in New Jersey. If you're a Rowan student or alumni, there's no way you won't be able to relate to these 16 things.

 1.   You have to carry an umbrella at all times because rain comes out of nowhere.

It can be a bright and beautiful day when you leave for class, but you're in the middle of a rainstorm once you get out. It's always rainy in Glassboro.

2. You have to wait over an hour just to eat food.

RIP to buffet style. Tapingo takes forever!

 3. 322 is insane, but you walk right into the middle of the street anyway.

Every college student dreams of getting hit by a car and having their tuition paid for, and it's no different at Rowan.

 4. You constantly complain about your school colors.

Brown and gold? Seriously?

5. Construction is never not going on.


 6. You know the worst building on campus is Robinson.

It's pure torture sitting in there, no matter the time of day. It feels like the building has been around since the stone age.

 7. You still call Rowan “Glassboro State” from time to time.

Got to show some respect to the place that started it all.

 8. The campus turns into a wind tunnel once the cold weather comes around.

Sometimes, you can't even look up when you're walking because the wind is THAT painful.

 9.  You’re still not really sure what a Prof is.

All you know is you're proud to be one!

 10. You wonder if the trains will ever stop running through campus.

Do they really have to honk at 2 A.M. when I'm trying to sleep?

11. The traffic is never-ending.

Walking around Glassboro will get you to where you need to go much faster than driving.

12. Your Rowan Bucks disappear one month into the semester, and they’re all spent on food.

All of the late night Domino's and Cookie Munchers really add up.

13. Living on campus means dying from a heat stroke. 

The rooms without AC are unbearable during the first few weeks of school.

14. It's super weird when you meet someone that isn't from Jersey.

Almost every student at Rowan is from somewhere in New Jersey, so when you hear someone is out of state, you always ask, "What made you want to come here?"

15. You have to constantly fight with the WiFi. 

It is always disconnecting, no matter where you are on campus.

16. Parking is outrageous.

Too many students, not enough spots. It is nothing less than chaos.

Despite all of its quirks, Rowan is home and always will be. Roll Profs!