If you’re like me, you binge watch Netflix as often and as long as you can. However, with the last month or so left of fall semester, there isn’t much time for luxury TV time with all the cramming of assignments and the need to save our grade as much as possible for our precious GPA. Here are 10 times you can relate to Ross during finals week.

Realizing you have no memory of the materials you covered in week 3, let alone last week

Listening to your study buddies and realizing they’re going to ace the exam

Showing up to your professor’s office hours to bug them for extra credit

Greeting everyone all down in the dumps

Concluding that the only thing keeping you from happiness is your professor

Spending endless hours at the library shushing anyone who dares make a peep

Reminding yourself there are only one or two weeks left to survive

Accepting the fact that you’ve studied and retained your limit and it’s probably not enough

Reading the first question of the exam and you don’t know the answer to the first question (or the second, or the third)

Walking out of that class like a boss for the very last time (hopefully)