Girl, bless you honestly.

I’ve never been more thankful to live with someone in my entire college experience. I’ve had my share of suitemate drama, fake friends and fights while sharing a living space with other girls and when this year rolled around I was kind of over it. I never wanted to deal with the petty sh*t of people not liking each other, passive-aggressive group chats and straight up yelling at each other that was my past year's experience. You probably don’t want your roommate to be just like you, but it’s pretty awkward when everyone’s being extra about their issues with each other.

Pro tip: Notice the red flags when searching for a roommate!!!

I just wanted to chill this year, save money and live on campus. I’m sorry that a series of misfortunate events and a building without an elevator lead you to living with me, but I’m just thankful the girl with cute decorations and a southern accent turned into the best roommate I’ve ever had.

Sorry, girl — I never plan on sharing a room again, but since we’re sharing our cozy little room for the rest of the school year I’m happy I can spend it with a gal you loves Taylor Swift as much as I do and appreciates a good venting session like I do.

So thanks a million times for being normal — you rock. Thanks for not being a shoulder to lean on when I’m having a bad day and thanks for being pretty clean and owning a nice vacuum because let’s be honest, that matters.

Next year when I don’t see you every day I want you to remember that you’re pretty freakin’ cool. There are going to be red flags with people you meet, so watch out and if all else fails I got you because you’re the coolest roommate I’ve ever had.