Dorm Room or Night Club? Improvements Made Simple

Appearance is a key aspect of life. The first impression is everything. Now personal fashion is tricky, but some simple additions to a room can change it from a pigpen into a makeshift nightclub. 

Let's start with the first addition; add a small black light. No need to actually mount a black light bar. Take a simple desk lamp and put in a black light bulb. From there,, add a poster, flag, or tie dyed sheet that has either a major portion of white or neon. When combined, the wall gains a special element.

The second thing to do is add a string of lights, but don't just hang them anywhere. The key is to arrange them into a design. Make an actual shape (e.g. heart, star, number, or name), so when you then plug them in, it can create a look similar to a neon lighted sign.

The third thing is to add a small chalkboard. There are two ways to do this: buy one from a store, or my favorite, make one. To make one, all you need to do is take anything that is smooth or a section of a wall and paint it. This addition could also be used with the first. Place a design on the board and shine the light on it. Chalk allows for a simple change to a regular wall as well as gives it the ability to constantly change the look. 

The fourth and final tip is to add some candles. You may already have candles, but now you'll use them for decoration. These can be fake or real candles. Take them and place them inside a designed piece of glass — a glass that has either a single logo or has a couple colors on it. With the glasses lit by candles, set them on shelves or tables to add to the essence of the room. The more the better. 

Who needs the expense or maintenance of an actual nightclub? When you add even one of the above, it immediately raises the stock of the room tenfold.

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