Room For One More

Surprisingly enough I ran out of space again, nothing could get in my mind besides the spectacular show of lights and noises produced by the elegant touch of the leaves, the running of water and the constellations border lining the shooting stars, that didn't seem to have any intentions of slowing down. The resin in the wood cracked and popped as the flames danced in front of my eyes, they mistakenly got confused by my imagination, which chose to ignore the noise from steps around me--the ones that slowly move through the leaves in this dark forest full of traps and demons.

I was here once before, I remember laying down and trying to sleep, on that day my legs gave out after the same miles I flew by today--a breeze of relief to my still tired heart. Mending the many mistakes I've made is still the goal of my travels, but pain and discomfort keep on being the best payment I've come across. I laugh and laugh as I try to ignore the mileage still left ahead--why?--that's a question I stopped asking myself a long time ago, I guess realized how boring it is to look for answers to questions you have.

" I'm some sick hound, digging for bones"

To be honest--as I think I am--the same days weight heavy in my mind, and even heavier in my heart. I'm hoping to reach the peak and then let that weight carry me down in a rush of bliss. For it is those few minutes, the so-called "little things", that make everything worth it. The happiness that seems to last a few seconds, preceded by struggles and followed by more challenges. The beauty of the days earned by determination and leaps of faith, make me doubt for a couple seconds--should I've stayed?

Luckily, doubt leaves my mind after a couple miles--funny how big of a number two can be.

"Rain like silver, rain like gold, turn this diamonds straight back into coal"

Many mountains I've come down from, after all, there is nothing up there, except the clearest mirror you might come against, the kind that lets me see the darkness in me, so I move--as if I was polishing my might with every step. I come down a little shinier, just a little though.

I come down to live in the valleys, and the plains, the hills, and coasts, the rivers, and lakes. I climb again to suppress the evil in me, I walk again to think and move on, and that will never stop, because a perfect diamond I will never be so just like the leaves in the fall, I must change with the seasons, the time to stop must be ahead but for now still not in my sights.

So here I stand coming to a simple conclusion, which is that there will always be room for one more; a new memory, a new lesson, a new adventure. It's part of our human side to never want to stop our heart from feeling amazed, to admire without jealousy and to love without wanting to possess, it's part of our animal side to want to own and possess what our eyes see, and it's our divine side that lets us live a life of wonders, to never allow our eyes to lose their spark, their shine.

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