7 Things Every Rook Coffee Addict Knows To Be True

7 Things Every Rook Coffee Addict Knows To Be True

5. Going to college far from Rook is difficult

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For anyone who lives in Central/South Jersey, you know where the best coffee is. For anyone else, I feel sorry for you. The delicious and fresh Rook Coffee needs to be spread throughout the world. It is easy to become hooked on this caffeinated drink.

1. You need at least one cup of Rook per day

Me, on my way to the local Rook.

Rook coffee is truly one of a kind, and it is most definitely easy to become addicted to. You find yourself walking in this cozy coffee store at least once every day. The drive you take to get to this coffee spot becomes a piece of cake because you always find yourself there.

2. When you don't get your Rook intake

You are always making time to travel over to your local rook, but when you cannot find time to go, you suddenly become the coffee monster. You find yourself in a terrible mood, have major headaches, and you can barely make it throughout the day.

3. Other coffee just doesn't compare

If we ain't talkin' Rook I don't wanna talk

You cringe at the questions: "Why don't you make your own coffee?" "Do you want to get Dunkin'?" Nothing compares to the refreshing taste of a cup of coffee from Rook; you find yourself becoming a coffee snob. I only love my bed and my New Orleans, I'm sorry.

4. You find yourself thinking about Rook all the time

You catch yourself daydreaming about a nice cup of Rook, like, all the time. When you daydream, you find yourself planning out your day in order to make time to drive to your local Rook store. A day does not pass by without this amazing coffee.

5. Going to college far from Rook is difficult

It is difficult leaving your hometown, family, and friends when leaving for college. Leaving Rook behind? Forget about it. How will you ever live more than your short 10-minute drive for coffee? There are many other options for coffee around campus, but you do not want to come near it if it isn't your favorite brew from Rook

6. Catching the Rook sticker on other people's cars

When driving, you find the infamous Rook bird sticker on many cars, and when you find one of these stickers, you begin to yell to your passengers, "LOOK! A Rook sticker! That's my favorite coffee!" TBH, you also definitely get a little jealous that someone driving that car shares your obsession, but you know that they're like family to you.

7. "10 stamps" means a lot to you

Tell me 10 stamps, and say no more. This is every Rook addict's dream. After your tenth stamp on your loyalty card, you get a free cup of coffee. Sometimes, you find yourself getting that free cup right away, and you quickly drink those two cups on your way out of the store.

Us Rook drinkers know what real coffee is. We love a good cup of New Orleans, and nothing else compares.

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