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6 Romantic Comedies That Will Make You More Of A Hopeless Romantic

Yes, they're cheesy, but so good.

6 Romantic Comedies That Will Make You More Of A Hopeless Romantic

I've been watching movies for as long as I can remember. One of the first romantic comedies I watched was "Serendipity," and if you haven't seen it, it's incredible. My love for movies has been a part of me for as long as I can remember and my love for romantic comedies has only grown since I first watched "Serendipity."

Romantic comedies have made me dream of meeting my future husband in a coffee shop or on a hike in the mountains. These types of movies have always given me a dream of how my life will go, but it has also left me in a great deal of disappointment every time I do go somewhere and don't meet the man of my dreams.

1. "While You Were Sleeping"


Sandra Bullock is such a queen. No matter what role she plays, I always feel like I can relate in some small way. In this movie, she plays a train station employee who sees the same guy each day and dreams of what life would be like with him. On Christmas, he gets jumped by some guys and lands in the train tracks, where Bullock saves him. At the hospital, he is in a coma and the hospital employees mistake her as his partner. It's a must-see movie, especially during the holidays.

2. "Never Been Kissed"

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Holy moly is this movie a good amount of cringey and heart-warming scenes. Drew Barrymore plays a journalist, who goes undercover at a high school for a story. When she went to high school, she was bullied. She takes this opportunity to do high school the right way. While she is undercover, she falls in love with her English teacher. And up to this point in her life, she has never had her first kiss. It's a good one y'all.

3. "The Wedding Planner"


This is an old one, but hello Matthew McConaughey and J-Lo. Jennifer Lopez plays a wedding planner who meets McConaughey after he saves her from a runaway dumpster. Her heel got caught in a grate in the middle of the road ofand he got her out of the way just in time. She can't stop thinking about him until he shows up in her office...with his fiancee looking for a wedding planner. Yeah. What a curveball. That doesn't stop the heat between them though and it certainly doesn't keep them away from each other.

4. "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"

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Another journalist movie. I've noticed that is a very common profession for the protagonist in a rom-com. Kate Hudson works as a columnist trying to find a way to write seriously, like writing about politics. Her editor gives her a task: Lose a guy in 10 days by using the most common mistakes women make in a relationship. Little does she know the guy, Matthew McConaughey, is set up by his co-workers with Hudson because they know her task. The movie is hilarious, but also sweet.

5. "When Harry Met Sally"


"I'll have what she's having." The most iconic quote you may or may not have known came from this brilliant movie. This movie goes through the story of Harry and Sally through the years, either running into each other or being best friends. This movie is one of my favorites and it literally never gets old.

6. "10 Things I Hate About You"


Heath Ledger is a mega babe in this film. He and Julia Stiles make quite the duo in this movie. Stiles is a determined high school senior who wants to go to college and follows (most) of her father's rules. Her younger sister, on the other hand, hates the rules her father laid out and wants to date a popular boy in school. The only way she can is if her older sister is dating and she has no interest in that. Until Ledger steps in. He is paid to woo her and sweep her off her feet so that popular guy can date the younger sister. Messy, yes. Good? Very.

I haven't met my future guy yet and I know that in my heart it probably won't happen for another couple of years. Until then, these movies are my go-to movies and the ones that have made me into the hopeless romantic I am today.

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