The Stages of Romance Are Much Like a Wine Tasting, Here's Why:
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The Stages of Romance Are Much Like a Wine Tasting, Here's Why:

Who knew wine and romance were such kindred spirits?

The Stages of Romance Are Much Like a Wine Tasting, Here's Why:

When analyzing wine and humans we are very similar. Much is revealed about us through our style. Wine and humans can have an enchanting merry effect to those it encounters. On the contrary, surrounding yourself with too much wine or a toxic person can make you physically want to vomit. Wine and humans both are so unique with different histories that have contributed to what they have fermented into. As a new love makes a presence in your life there are quite a few similarities that mimic that of a wine tasting:

-Associated with romance

-It is not uncommon to sample a few

-Enjoyable, memorable experiences

-Attached with consequences that are risks we take every time

1. At First Glance

Much like our engagements with romance, as a new wine graces your life, the initial observation is visual. Our first impression typically begins with a visual survey of the wine bottle we are about to sample. At this stage we are subconsciously judging every aspect, dissecting every inch of that bottle creating preconceived notions about what is presented before us, just like we do when a person catches our eye. Both of these experiences conjure up an unbounded number of assumptions that proceed to race through our head:

-One a scale 1-sweet, what am I working with?

-Is this really good for my heart?

-What's the history?

-Will this be a tall or short pour?

-What is the age?

2. The Pour

Next on the magical experience known as wine tasting, the tension begins to build and your mouth begins to water with eager eyes as the pour begins. Slowly splashing its way all up in your personal space. A very similar instance to when the conversation begins to flow with a new love, popping the cork and unveiling more of what is inside.

3. Give 'em a Swirl

Once we are in the presence of the object our desire, we give it a swirl. whether it's a smushed grape swirling ever so gracefully round the shiny glass or taking your hot date for a swirl around a shiny dance floor, we take the first steps of "testing it out."

4. Get a Good Whiff

Now that you've thoroughly inspected everything, it's time to stimulate another sense: smell. Without seeming too obvious we give the wine/crush an ever so subtle sniff for the answers we seek:

Are they:

-Buttery and oaky?

-Nutty and spicy?


Let us take a moment to own the fact we all sniff someone we are attracted to like grade school kids trying to test the theory of sniffing Crayola markers. Only we have progressed to excessively inhaling for a high of sorts off pheromones.

5. The First Taste

Oh yes, enough of the build up it is time to get physical. Now stimulating yet another sense: taste and touch. As that sweet poison seeps through your lips into your veins or the intoxicating rush of your lover's touch seeps into your soul, relish in the sensations that transpire.

6. Time to get Tipsy

After an adequate amount of sips or smooches, we are enlightened with a euphoric buzz. May it be from an elevated blood alcohol content or our hormones doing the most, we smile a little more, stress a little less; so enjoy the ride.

Sometimes in love or with wine we might have a short buzz or a prolonged one. Maybe the experience makes us sleep a little better or maybe we get the spins. Perhaps crashing from the high leaves us hungover or in some instances we feel just fine. It's normal to partake in a lot of "wine tastings" until you find one you absolutely adore and never tire of its essence. Veer away from settling for a cheap thrill based on convenience. Strive to search for your wine that you truly enjoy because identical to choosing a wine, you should set high standards because both are experiences to savor not to simply settle and certainly not cringe with every sip. So, whether your wine or romance is a "one and done", possibly a short-lived commitment until you can't afford it anymore; or you become straight up brand loyal…it is an experience. One that always falls somewhere on the spectrum of bittersweet.

On a final note, always remember: *DO NOT DRINK OR DATE UNDERAGE*

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