12 Stages Of Rock Climbing
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12 Stages Of Rock Climbing

Thoughts going through your mind while attempting to climb

12 Stages Of Rock Climbing

Recently, some of my friends and I went rock climbing for fun over spring break and here some of the stages I reached while climbing.

1. Excitement of trying something new stage

Doing something that is totally out the ordinary for you is exciting. New experiences are good, right?

2. Confidence --“I can totally do this” stage

Looking up at the wall I thought that I could totally conquer that. People rock climb all the time, so why can’t I? I used to be athletic, so this shouldn’t be that bad.

3. "Oh my gosh this actually takes a lot of effort" stage

About ¼ of the way up there I realized that rock climbing required a lot more effort than I anticipated and finally noticed that I have absolutely no arm strength.

4. "Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into" stage

Halfway up I realized that I thought too highly of myself and that instead of struggling to prove myself to my friends I could be laying in my bed eating easy-mac while watching Greys Anatomy.

5. Determination — “I have to get to the top and not let the rock wall defeat me” stage

I gathered up what little strength I had and made the cognitive decision that I will get to the top no matter what because I didn’t want to look like a weakling in front of my friends and whoever was watching me struggle to the top.

6. My arms are shaking and feel like Jell-O stage

Gravity decided that it no longer liked me and decided to pull me down and make me feel like I was 1,000 lbs. The little amount of upper arm strength that I have was starting to die out and I uncontrollably shook as my muscles were ready to give up on me and let me fall to my death.

7. Victory – reaching the top and feeling like you can conquer the world stage

Finally I made it to the top and felt like I could do ANYTHING because I made it to the top. I felt like I had I just climbed Mt. Everest and all the heavens were singing my praise because I made it top.

8. "Oh shit, I’m pretty high up and don’t know how to get down" stage

Then of course reality set in and I realized I was a long ways from the ground and had no clue how to get back down to safety.

9. Panic – "I’m too weak to hold on up here and don’t want to fall to my death" stage

After the adrenaline of success left, I realized that my incompetence to hold on was setting in and I could barely hold myself up in order to climb back down to solid ground.

10. Letting go and falling to my doom stage

The moment finally came when my strength failed me and gravity decided to pull me down to the depths of hell…. Jokes, my strength actually did fail me and I decided to let go and let fate take over.

11. Not actually dying and feeling relieved stage

There was a safety and a rope to make sure I didn’t actually fall to my doom and die so that was reliving.

12. Feeling utter defeat and victory over the wall I just climbed while lying helplessly on the ground stage

Finally I reached the ground and I suddenly collapsed. I felt both victory and defeat at the same time. I felt victory because I made it to the top, and defeat because I was already wiped out after the first time going up. So I just decided to lay on the ground with mixed emotion about what just happened. Eventually I got back up and went through all 12 stages again until I physically could not climb anymore.

Rock climbing was super fun and would totally recommend it to anyone! And props to those who do this all the time because it is a lot of work!

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