11 Reasons To Rock The CASA At Theta 5K
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11 Reasons To Rock The CASA At Theta 5K

You can register for the run here!

11 Reasons To Rock The CASA At Theta 5K
Riley Farrell

Sometimes knowing what to do on Parents' Weekend is hard. Or convincing yourself to get active is hard. Or committing yourself to help the community is hard. I get it! Luckily for you, I have a one-stop-solution for all of these challenging ordeals.

That's right, people: Theta 5K is upon us.

When: April 13th, 2019

Time: 9:00 am

Where: Kappa Alpha Theta House - 1503 Athens Drive, College Station, Texas 77840

Why: Benefitting CASA - Voices for Children and Scotty's House

You can register here!

Race Day Schedule:

7:30 a.m. - Registration/Packet Pickup Open

8:30 a.m - Registration/Packet Pickup Closes

8:40 a.m. - Opening Ceremonies

9:00 a.m. - Race Begins

9:45 a.m. - Awards Ceremonies

11:00 a.m. - Silent Auction Closes

Need more convincing? Of course you don't! But here are eleven valid reasons to join us for Theta 5K.

1.  For the children

Happy Return Of Superman GIF by DramaFever - Find & Share on GIPHYGiphy

Fun fact about me: I work as a legal intern for CASA - Voices for Children in virtue of the fact that I so strongly believe in their mission. Additionally, I rushed Theta specifically for our local and national philanthropies. My experience both in Theta and as an intern lit a fire under me to live for others. And I really, really, really buy into this whole thing.

If you don't know that much about Scotty's House (our chapter's local philanthropy), here are some quick inspirational quips about what they do. Scotty's House is a nonprofit organization that provides a child-friendly environment for its abused children. Their calling is to provide safety, healing, and justice for children victimized by abuse through professional assessment, counseling, and education in a compassionate and collaborative approach. At Scotty's House, the child always comes first.

Our national philanthropy, CASA-Voices for Children is a non-profit child advocacy organization. Their mission is to improve the lives of abused or neglected children in foster care through powerful volunteer advocacy. So, CASA trains volunteers who know the child and are on the side of the child, as an intercessor in court.

2.    For the tutus

Kappa Alpha Theta

You better believe that we let the newest member class wear adorable tutus on the trail. Say hi to my dynamic Little while she gives you water and cheers you on during the run/power walk!

3.    For the fitness


Exercise - but make it not awful. That's what we are doing.

Funky 5Ks are great ways to ease into doing something great for your body while forgetting that you're even working out in the first place. Run, jog, dance, or walk, just be here and your health will thank you!

P.S. We have a 1-mile track, as well.

4.    For the fun


Maybe the most obvious reason to sign up for our 5K. Genuinely, I was *shocked* by how much I enjoyed myself while running on Greek Row. You have to trust me on this one and sign up.

5.    For the breakfast tacos


Okay, I take that last statement back. This reason is the most obvious. Come reward yourself for helping your body and the children with tacos! That delightful, decadent Deep-Tex-Mex delicacy? We have loads of them at Theta 5K.

6.    For the Theta in your life

Kappa Alpha Theta

Register for a family member in Theta, or a friend in Theta, or heck, register for me. Kappa Alpha Theta will adore you for coming.

7.    For the dogs


I don't mean to sound dramatic, but I would die for the dogs we are auctioning off. We have a baby Goldendoodle, Beau, and a wee Dachshund, Theodore. And you, my lovely reader, are welcome to pet them.


8.    For the cute pictures

Kappa Alpha Theta

Get that 'gram.

9.    For family bonding


Theta 5K takes place on Saturday, April 13th, A.K.A. during Texas A&M's Parents' Weekend. Add something different to your agenda with Mom and Dad!

10.    For the community

Kappa Alpha Theta

Wondering how you can give back to our lovely little town of College Station? This 5K is your answer.

11.    For love

The greatest of these reasons is love! The heartbeat behind the leading women in Theta is truly the love we exhibit to entities bigger than ourselves. Join us in doing something big. Love others, love yourself, run this 5K.

Recap: Rock the CASA 5K and 1-mile Fun Run/Walk is an annual event that takes place in College Station at the Kappa Alpha Theta House every single spring. All proceeds from the event benefit two non-profit organizations, CASA-Voices for Children and Scotty's House. Last year we raised over $79,000 and had over 1,000 participants! Let's do it again this year!

I cannot wait to see you on April 13th. And I will personally give you a hug if you make it.

Sign up here!

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