Anyone can attest to this when I say it; driving nowhere with music turned up is the best thing. All of my best memories are in a car going somewhere versus the actual destination. Kayla and I have so many memories of just driving to town and acting like total idiots with our conversations and music selection.

The amount of times I've been stressed out this year and decided to just even go and drive to get food, clears my mind. It allows me to take a breather and remind myself that not everything is falling apart on me. This is why I love road trips, going anywhere with good people, and having the time of your life getting to the destination. Even when my friends and I got to the beach last year, driving to the beach access and driving on the beach are some of my favorite memories. Especially when Kayla bounced in her seat so much from the sand being bumpy and she hit her head on the truck ceiling. When we were coming back from eating dinner at the beach, we had the windows down playing the dumbest music we could think of, and having one person yelling out the window at people. It was a little embarrassing, but hey lots of fun memories have embarrassing points in them.

Driving around with my Dad when I was learning how to drive are my all time favorite memories though. He would put up with me listening to One Direction on repeat, and even started singing "Steal My Girl" every time the CD started over again. Even driving with him now I never know what to expect he is going to say or do. We typically talk about everything under the sun, including boys, friend issues, and annoying people at school or his work.

Driving is something I will never get tired of. No matter how many times I complain about driving somewhere, as long as I have good people by my side, it's all worth it.