'Riverdale' And Hilton Head Are Basically The Same Town

'Riverdale' And Hilton Head Are Basically The Same Town

And you may think the same about your hometown!


A couple of weeks ago I began to binge watch the television show Riverdale, on Netflix. As I watched, I noticed similar characteristics about the town of Riverdale, and the town of Hilton Head Island, where I grew up. I was humored by some of the coincidental similarities between the two towns and noticed more and more as the show progressed.

I'm sure I am being extremely closed-minded by thinking that Hilton Head is the only town similar to Riverdale. So, If you are from a smaller town, you may think some of Riverdale's characteristics depict your hometown as well!

1. The Local Diner is a Popular Hotspot, and the Milkshakes are Favored


In Hilton Head, you are most likely to find half the high school at the Diner past 11 pm!

2. Every Weekend Consists of;


- Fridays at the HS football game.

- Saturdays at the Movie Theatre.

- Sundays watching HBO.

3. Inappropriate Student-Teacher Relationships.



4. Having your significant other/friends parent dating your parent.



5. News of Crime Spreads a Mile a Minute.


And Hilton Head is only fourteen miles long. So.

There are so many other similarities between Riverdale and Hilton Head, but here are five that stood out to me!

How does your hometown compare???

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Noelle Glover

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7 Signs You're From the 732

Only the best part of New Jersey.

If you're from New Jersey, you know how badly the state's looked down upon by outsiders (thanks a lot, Jersey Shore). But you know that all of those false accusations aren't true- the Garden State is your home and only you're allowed to make fun of it. Although Jersey's small, there are different regions and everyone thinks that their's is the best. Here are seven signs you're from the 732, AKA the best part of Jersey:

1. You know that Central Jersey is a place.

One of the biggest arguments is whether or not Central Jersey exists. I live in the middle of New Jersey, so it's pretty funny when people say it's not a real place. I'm not from South Jersey, and definitely not from North Jersey. Also, it's close to both Philadelphia and New York, not just one or the other. Perfect location.

2. Everywhere you go, you see a Wawa.

Legit everywhere, and you go there 24/7. All hail the holy grail.

3. Surf Taco means a lot to you.

Every time I come home from being away at school the first place I go to eat with my friends is Surf Taco. Even when I am home, Surf Taco's always on my mind. Who doesn't love a good taco with chips? P.S. I highly recommend their Teriyaki Chicken Taco, you won't regret it.

4. You go to all the summer concerts.

There's really nothing more fun than summer shows outside, and you already know that PNC Bank Arts Center and Stone Pony Summer Stage are the hot-spots. 'Tis the season of tailgating and enjoying a good show with your friends.

5. Two words: Pork. Roll.

I don't care what Chris Christie has to say, it's pork roll. Quite honestly, Taylor Ham just doesn't sound right. And what's better than a pork roll egg n' cheese on your favorite bagel? Nothing.

6. You live close to the beach...

Spring Lake, Manasquan, Asbury, you name it. You know these areas and where all of the good food spots are in each of them. Living so close to the beach makes for the perfect summers, but with summer comes the bennies.

7. ...So you can easily spot a benny.

If you're from Jersey and you don't know what a benny is, you most likely are one. Bennies usually come in packs; they bring lawn chairs and tents to the beach, wear socks and sandals, and have the "Jersey accent" because they're either from New York or close to.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia commons

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If You Aren't Watching These 17 Shows On Netflix, What Are You Doing With Your Life, Honestly?

Finding the right show to watch can be hard, old or new.


As everyone can tell Netflix is becoming, well I should say continue to become, the popular way of TV. It's an easy way to watch any show you want, especially when it's already been on regular television, but you didn't have time to watch it.

For me, I watch a lot of shows that have already been on TV or is still on it and I only watch when the new season comes out or I'm watching the season before on Netflix to catch up. This is because I'm mostly too busy to watch the newer episodes due to school, work, and having a social life. The shows vary from different genres and story lines but they are all great shows, in my opinion anyway.

Here's some shows I feel are great to check out when you're unsure of what to watch next…

1. Free Rein


A show that follows Zoe and her friends going through the difficulties of being in a horse show. She makes friends and a few enemies along the way, but she does have her family as well as her friends to help her out.

2. Anne with an "E"


This show follows off the show "Anne of Green Gables." Follows Anne on her journey to finding a forever home. Shows how she makes friends and some enemies along the way, but she is always there to defend a friend or anyone in need. It has more of a modern twist from the old show.

3. One Day at a Time


Follows the life of Penelope and her family. She is a veteran who struggles with depression and anxiety, but with some help from those around her she will be okay. She is a single mom raising her two kids all while she is working and going back to school. I enjoy the closeness of the family.

4. Fuller House


Follows the same characters from Full House. However, it's DJ's turn to be a single parent raising her kids with the help from her sister, Stephanie and her best friend, Kimmy. It has brought back characters from the old show, and it follows DJ and her family going through struggles, but getting through them together.

5. Alexa & Katie



Follows the life of Alexa who has cancer, but she has her best friend Katie to help her out. Alexa doesn't want anyone at school to know she has cancer and when it comes time of her hair falling out Katie shaves her head so she doesn't have to be alone. The show of friendship is my favorite.

6. Good Witch


Follows Cassie and her family. She has a gift of knowing what's wrong with someone and somehow knowing what they need to help them without even thinking about it. It follows her going through family troubles and raising her kids alone after her husband dies.

7. When Calls the Heart


This follows the story line of Elizabeth and how she must change to adapt to a new place. She quickly makes friends with some people. This show reminds me a lot of Little House on the Prairie. She helps the women in town know their worth and help them realize that change isn't a bad thing and they deserve just as much as men.

8. Riverdale


Follows the mysterious death of Jason and how a group of friends try and figure out what actually happened and who killed him. It shows the different families and they way they are behind closed doors and how each help each other despite their differences. Watching Cole Sprouse as Jughead is different from his character on Suite Life, but it's a good different.

9. Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp - Season 2


Following Wynonna and her friends as well as her sister go through a weird change. With a family "curse" that everyone in her family has had to become, but she is determined to find who killed her sister and her dad. This show has a lot of action, but there is a lot of comedy in it as well.

10. Beauty and the Beast

Shotgun Wedding


Catherine was left for dead, but was saved by a mystery being. Vincent has been believed to be dead for years, but now that Catherine needs his help and the fact he started to fall in love with her he risks everything. He helps her with her cases from her job, she's a cop.

11. Heartland


Following the death of her mom, Amy must now take over helping horses. She has help from her friends and her family. She helps horses as well as people. She has gone through a lot of changes that has changed her for the better. Thankfully she has her family by her side through all the change.

12. Supernatural


Follows the life of Sam and Dean who are taking over the "family" business of hunting down anything supernatural. No pun intended. They first started to find out who/what killed their mom. They end up saving the world twice. They have a lot of help from an Angel and a Demon, as well as God himself. The relationship between them is amazing and hilarious. I enjoy watching what they'll get into next.

13. Charmed


Following the death of their grandmother Prue, Piper, and Phoebe find out a secret no one told them or trained them for. They find out they are witches and must stay together in order to fight off demons. They go through love and pain and a lot of change throughout the show. From the death of one sister and finding out about another sister they never knew about. The important part is they have each other through it all.

14. Being Human


This is the US version, similar to the UK version, which follows the lives of Aiden (a vampire), Sally (a ghost), and Josh (a werewolf). They are all living together and help each other. They help each other come to terms with how they became who they are and what they went through to get to where they are now.

15. Pretty Little Liars


The lives of four friends changed when one of their friends turns up dead. Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hannah get random texts from "A" threatening them to do what they say or their secrets will be revealed. This goes on for years, there friend, Alison, isn't dead, but they still get the texts. It's a lot of mystery and will keep you on your toes every episode and season with the reveal of a new "A".

16. Merlin


The relationship between Arthur and Merlin is interesting. Following how Merlin became Arthur's servant and how he continues to save him and get no credit, for obvious reasons. The comedy within this show was surprising. Arthur and Merlin's relationship changes throughout the show and you can see how Arthur begins to care and worry about Merlin, but can never show it.

17. Shooter

Shooter - Season 2


Bob Lee Swagger is a retired sniper who was great at his job. He is framed with killing the president and is now on the run. He must prove his innocence and come to terms with the betrayal of an old friend and previous commanding officer. He does everything he can do to prove his name and protect his family.

What show will you watch next?

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