Risks to take in college
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Student Life

10 Risks That Are 110% Worth Taking In College

College will present you with a lot of tough decisions, here's a list of a few that are worth rolling the dice.

10 Risks That Are 110% Worth Taking In College

Life is all about taking chances. You win some, you lose some, and that's just how it goes. Throughout the entirety of our lives, college is the period of time most abundant with opportunities. For some, you may be in a whole new world where there isn't a familiar face around. For people like me, I'm in my hometown territory and it's my job to make this school feel like home to the outsiders.

Here's a list of decisions that are worth taking a chance. Some are riskier than others, but all can be rewarding or disadvantageous depending on how you go about it.

Go to the library

Oh, BOOHOO, the library. I get it, the last thing we want to do as students is act like students. However, I can assure you that it's worth it. I've invested more time at the library than anywhere else since I've gotten to college. Do I spend every minute there being productive? Absolutely not. There's more to the library than just homework and studying. It's a very unique way of socializing and meeting new people while also being able to get work done. If you're lucky enough, you might even see a security guard working there who had previously stabbed someone.

Read a book

I know what you're thinking, the risk here is you might be wasting your time. However, I can assure you that books secrete the cheat codes to life. A healthy habit of reading will not only make you smarter, but it can also calm your body down after copious amounts of stress. There's a reason people always rank the book version better than the movie. Books, in general, have stronger plots and are exponentially more detailed. Guess you'll have to try it in order to find out.

Try different foods

"Try it, just trust me" is a phrase I use way too much. I love food. There's so much food out there to be eaten, and people still want to eat the same salad every day. I guess this risk applies to people outside of college, but it's one that's very worth taking. In an effort to spread Asian culture to my friends, I gave them a candy called "Hi-Chew," telling them it was a Starburst on steroids. As expected, we gobbled down the entire bag. After taking a close friend of mine to Korean Barbecue first semester, she urged that we go back the day that I'm writing this. I love my spicy bulgogi and I just wish people would give it a chance. P.s. If you don't like it, simply spit it out.

Take a dance class

Fellas, if you get as lucky as me, you'll share a dancefloor with 40 girls while being 1 of 4 dudes in the class. Ladies, if you get in that class the catch is there's a good chance that you'll be with a guy that's willing to take risks. For this component, the main gist is to step out of your comfort zone. I've always had a slight interest in dance and would never have thought of enrolling in a course for it. If you even just think you have a passion for it, try it out. What's the worst that can happen?

Go to office hours

This one's hard, I know. With our days getting busier and busier, the last thought on our mind is seeing our professor one more time than we have to. In reality, you really have nothing to lose here. Professors genuinely want you to succeed in the classroom. But, as a student, you have to do your part and reach out to them when you need help. Who better to ask questions about the test than the test-maker themselves?

Express yourself

If you're passionate about something unpopular, someone else definitely is too. For me, it's anime. Some may be scared to boast about it or even be associated with it. I wear my Akatsuki hoodie all around. To normal people, it's just a red cloud pattern. To shinobi, they think it's the coolest freaking hoodie and always compliment me on it. Don't hide a part of you that you're enthusiastic about. The risk here is embarrassment but the reward is finding a geek that's just as informed about the wimpy interest.

Go to a concert

Concerts are insane. Imagine seeing a song like "Drip Too Hard" being performed on a stage right in front of you. My soul would leave my body. Concerts and music festivals are all about exerting your energy and having a blast. It's literally a party but with live music. Yeah, there's a slight chance you might pass out due to dehydration or exhaustion but it's all worth it. That's just what I heard though, I've never actually been to a concert before.

Reach out to people

We all know that people suck. Shattered relationships, rude remarks, hate, we fit all the above. But still, you never know how much of an impact you could have on someone. Whether it be just meeting back up with someone, or meeting someone for the first time, do it! The picture above is me being reunited with some friends from middle school after going our separate ways for high school. Something as easy as a friendly conversation with the classmate sitting beside you could make their day. It doesn't just have to be people you don't know either. Try contacting someone that you haven't spoken to in ages. You never know how effective rekindling a friendship can be on you.

Test your limits with classes

College is hard. Everyone wants to take the easiest classes so they can breeze by and graduate. Well, I challenge you to challenge yourself. Enroll in a course in which you'll be surprised when you get an A on the exam. The reason I say this is that we'll never be able to reach our maximum potential without something that's pushing us to our limits. Try it. If worst comes to worst, just drop the class and take Intro to Dance.

 Shoot your shot

All of us have that special someone that walks through our mind all day. They give us goosebumps when you see their notification on your phone. However, we're all scared to tell them how we really feel. Every scenario I can think of with this has a lot of risks. Risky text messages, risky body language, and risk of rejection. The only thing worse than rejection, though, is missed opportunity. If you never shoot your shot, you'll never know. After a shooting slump, basketball player, Klay Thompson once said, "Imma just keep shooting and they're gonna fall at a high clip. Guarantee that." It's not about how many shots you miss, but about hitting the right shot at the right time…that could possibly win you the game.

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