Disney Land Vs. Disney World a Disney fan's take

So I have grown up a Disney person. I have seen every movie, know all the songs, and visited the whole "World". I have visited Disney World at least 20 times in my life and have spent roughly 6 months of my life in the Happiest Place on Earth. I have grown up as a Vacation Club Member and have enjoyed all of the perks that has to offer. Recently I have had the opportunity to travel to California and spend time at Disney Land and Disney's California Adventure and immediately noticed there were some differences. These may be a little biased being that I have been to Disney World more often but I think it is rather accurate.

1. The Employees

There are a few quick differences between the employees at Disney World are from all around the world, but in Disney Land we struggled to find employees that did not reside in California. Now this isn't a big difference just something I noticed.


Disney is supposed to be the happiest place on earth right? Well not in California apparently. The employees there rarely smiled or made the effort to help convience you. Paying the amount of money you do to go to the Parks, I would like it if I was treated nicely at them. At Disney World we have never had an issue with anyone. Last year after driving through the night because our flight was cancelled, we arrived at Bay Lake Tower (the one next to the Contemporary) for our room not to be ready. We were supposed to check in the day before so does it make sense? No. After talking with the front Desk and them realizing there was no rooms open at the time, they put us up in the Concierge Level of the Contemporary for the night with no additional charge. That is just one example of how Disney World goes out of their way to be nice and personable.

3.Things to Do

Simple math Disney World has 4 theme parks and 2 water parks. Disney Land has 2 Theme Parks. Both have a Downtown Disney District that is comparable in size to the parks. I stayed at Disney Land for 4 days and had done everything in the parks (of age interest). I stay in Disney World for 10 days and still haven't done everything. Disney World has more to do and more for all ages.

4. The Food

Counter services are all compatible, but table services are a little iffy. We went to some of the top places in Disney Land and California adventure and struggled to have a stellar experience except at Wine Country Trattoria (Would 100% recommend).

5. Downtown Disney 

There was just more options food wise and shopping in Downtown Disney. So it was helpful for there to be more places. This is the case at both, but with Disney World it is a little more interactive for families.


Okay so Disney Land Nailed it. Location. Location. Location. I mean just for the hotels. Everything when you stay at Disney's Grand Californian or the Disney Land Hotel is in walking distance. We stayed at the Grand Californian and had a view of California Adventure. Better than the view was the fact that we would walk out of our hotel and were directly in California Adventure (after going through security of course). To get to Disney Land we had to walk through Downtown Disney. At Disney World you have to deal with buses or rental cars or just parking prices, that wasn't the case in Disney Land.

7. The Size

I kinda touched on this earlier, but Disney World is so much bigger, like the Castle is even bigger. The size difference however means that there is more stores, restaurants (tables), rides, bathrooms, everything in Disney World. That size also means there is more people. There is more people to fill the lines, stalls, tables, aisles, etc. The size difference is both a blessing and a curse.

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